Week 21 & 22 of 27: 15 and 16 milers!!

I've been meaning to get a post up about the past couple of weeks and now I'm almost another week in, but all in all it's been going well!  For the most part I have still been doing most of my miles "easy," but just recently I have had a couple of workouts where I get to work some faster paces in for a minute or mile or two which is funnn.

I got a phone call and seriously had to like undress to get my phone out.  :P
We've reached the time of year where I wear sunglasses and run outside during the week!!!  I love love winter long running, but the treadmill gets a little old during the week and I am still sooo much slower on it.

I came outside and there was this balloon.
Remember my Ted Bundy hammer story from the other long run?  As I stopped to take the picture below, I heard a diesel truck pulling up and slowing, so I look over my shoulder and a truck is pulling off the road RIGHT next to me.  This isn't a stopping place at all, and there isn't even room on the shoulder for a car to pull off, and on my side of the sidewalk is just straight weeds, so you better believe I grabbed my stuff off the sidewalk and started bolting across the street in front of the stopped truck.  lol  I'm paranoid what can I say, but I don't take chances when it's early!!!  Well as I'm bolting I look at the driver and it's an old man with his wife, and they saw me taking pictures of the balloons and decided they wanted to join me.  hahahaha  I think he felt really dumb that he spooked me, he started shaking his head and waving his arms no-no-no, and the wife got out and snapped a couple of pictures.

The world is scary so it's probably best to not do things like this.  :P
I was pretty excited about this 15 miler (10:09 pace), and it was part of a split long run, 3.4 miles + 15.
Week 22 was a step back week, but instead of completely shortening everything, I ran less during the week and still had a longer long run.  This is my kind of step back week.
Only long run where it wasn't all to be easy.
I waited too long to start my sets, but I've been playing with my route and there were no locations with 3 miles flat, so I ended up just doing the first set uphill.  Then it was in the 70s by the end so I was just riding the struggle bus for the last 2-3 miles, but got it done.

Our weather has been sooo nice, but yesterday we said goodbye to the 70s and the first 90 hits in time for my next long run.  But it will be good practice for me because I have a feeling the race will be hot at the finish line.  Vegas = end of April = yeah
I see these hot air balloons like everyday, and I still am like "HOT AIR BALLOONS!!!"  This week one of them landed and the burner caught nearby brush on fire and a firetruck had to come put it out.  (Then the news reported a hot air balloon caught on fire and crashed, because the news sucks.)

I like how the sun was hitting the ones below.
This guy is so happy to see me when I get back.  He loves his mama.
And I busted out my marathon shoes!!  They feel so much better than my old ones, I'm not sure why.  The old ones have like 375 miles on them so I will still run in them a little longer (maybe 400-450 miles?), but not long runs.
Instagram stories:

My coach changed this upcoming's long run from 16 miles to a split long run of 40:00 + 14 miles, but next week I hit 18.  Then one more long run before taper, TBD.

Some really sad news is Ben has been dealing with a knee thing for the past couple of weeks and it is NOT going away.  He's backed off, had it worked on, dry needled, XT instead of ran, and this morning it started hurting at mile 4.  Sooo sad, he was on his way to an awesome PR and it would be a great test run of the course for a possible BQ next year (he needs a 3:11).  So I'm not sure what will happen since we are <1 month out at this point, so that is TBD.  Injuries are the PITS, such a bummer, but I am refusing to give up hope he'll still toe the 26.2 line.

30 days to go.  Yippee!

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