Week 20. Only 7 left. #revelmtcharleston

There are only seven (six and a half, really) weeks left in this training cycle and I don't feel ready, but I am getting excited!!  

This upcoming weekend my long run is split:  4 Friday night + 15 Saturday morning.  

Then I have 16, 

another 16, 

an 18 miler,

then one more long run after that which I don't know what it is yet.  I have maxed out with a 17 miler long run before, and I ran a 4:11, so who knows how this race will go, but I like being able to look back at previous trainings for confidence boosts.

So on my long run I was coming up on a corner when a car flipped a U and pulled off in the direction facing me, about 50 feet up.  I saw a guy in the car so I slowed down a little because hello 7am and creeper-guy-U-turning-and-stopping-by-female-running-alone, and the guy got out with a freaking HAMMER!  lol  I was like TED BUNDY, and I stopped.  But he started hammering in a garage sale sign that had tipped over.  hahaha  Guy almost got himself maced.  ;)

So many hot air balloons, which after living in this part of the valley for five years, I still love love.
 the #runfie
I randomly decided to track my training on my Insta stories, so I've been taking more pictures, so if you see them on my stories then sorry, they are a repeat here.
I literally ran exactly 4 miles in 40:00.
With the days getting longer, more of my running is outside.  I only ran one time on the treadmill this week and it was for the decline.
My long run was 12 miles and I had some belly rebellion going on but it started to ease up around mile 9, so the end was the best part of the run.  I also started fueling with some new fuel since I'm a little leery about what I take in while nursing, and these fuels are pretty tasty!!  They are all natural and I had a chocolate one that tasted like frosting, and a strawberry one that tasted like...strawberries.  :P  They are more expensive but if they work out, I could see myself sticking with them.  I don't think my fueling was the cause of the tummy issues since they started right away, so that's good.
I'm still just adding miles to my weeks and not doing any speed work, so it's been pretty fun to just run for fun and have zero pressures.  There are times I do miss the pain of a workout though.
Can I shout a hoorah for Ben though!  He's been running about double my mileage and already running 17 milers and rocking it.  I know he has a time goal for the race, although I don't know if he and Charlie have dialed it in exactly yet, but with the way his training is going, he will have his best marathon yet, and a good test run for trying for a 3:11 next year on the course (BQ!). 

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  1. I would of freaked out and started screaming when I saw that guy. Creepy!