Marathon Race Plan + Goals

As you can imagine (or you KNOW lol) I am excited!  I got my race morning coat and sweat pants, and am pleading with the weather gods to take the temp down a hair, but this race is mostly for fun and to mark my comeback.

It looks like I am showcasing our artwork, and Bentz, he was literally posing!  He has got it down.
So it keeps bobbing from like 92 to 88, but look at Sunday!  Look at Friday!  Could be better, but could be worse.

I think the medals are the same this year, but I could be wrong.

Last time I ran this race I ran an 8:50 the first 1/2, slowed down when I hit the half mark to a 9:15ish, and picked it back up after 22 miles when I was still feeling good.  I liked that approach because it left some in the tank for the end, so this time I'm going to take a similar approach.  Although slower.  :P 

A- 4:14 (9:30 + 9:55) average pace 9:43
B- 4:19 (9:30 + 10:20) average pace 9:55
C- Just get it done (while smiling!)

If you want a cool marathon pace chart, there's one at

Fuel right before aid stations 5, 9, 13, 17, 21 and 23.
Powerade starting at mile 15.

Fueling with lemonade Huma Gels which have 20 mg caffeine too.  Probably will start with some Run Gum, and nibble on a bagel/bread all morning per usual.

Image result for huma gel lemonade

And pump at the start line.  So I'm a little nervous for that one because I have no choice, I have to pump, and Ben won't be at the start with me this time, so it'll be interesting.  And I pray my race pictures don't advertise the fact that I am a breastfeeding runner.  

"Run the first ten miles with your head, the second ten miles with your legs, and the last 6+ with your heart!"

Race in 5!

Week 26/27: ONE WEEK TO GO

One week away!!!  I am getting pretty excited!  It felt like an eternity away (especially since I signed up a YEAR ago when I was pregnant and on activity rest), but life goes fast and it is HERE!

So this week was full on taper mode and usually tapering drives me CRAZY, especially mentally, but this time around I am enjoying it.  I think not having stressful goals to mess with my mind and also having a tired body as it readjusts to higher mileage these past days, are the main reasons.
35:00 easy + 8 miles easy were my last back to back runs of this training cycle.  Next week I have two runs, that is it.
I gave my singlet a try with my newer fuel belt (STAYFIT RUNNING, it's the best belt!).  I've been long running with my hydration pack so figure I better make sure all goes well with the other combo.
"Only 8 miles, I'm sleeping in."  So the hot air balloons were long up in the air when I embarked.

If you follow me on Instagram you see that I finally split my personal account and created a running account:  @Boston4BC  For yearrrrs I've debated separating my running from my family posts because I have friends who are interested in one or the other, with the minority interested in BOTH.  So since Ben and I are both going to try to BQ in the next year, I figured it was a good time.  Plus it is a good tool to help hold us accountable to our workouts.

The downside is if you follow here AND there, you'll see some repeat images, but I hope to have additional ones to post here too!  Because I know you LOOOOOOOVE my runfies.  hahaha

Have a fabulous week!  We will, we get to see my mom!  :)

2 weeks to go: Onto the taper...

Wahoo!!  I think I made it. 


I was supposed to peak last week AND this week, but it took a bit longer to recover from 18 miles last weekend, that my coach ended up dropping one run this week and downgrading my long run and I spent some extra time focusing on stretching my knee.  But alas, by the end of this week I was gaining optimism that it is just tightness I am working through, fingers crossed.  So now the plan is to let my legs get a little recovery during the next two weeks so I can wail on Mt. Charleston. 

Meanwhile I am pretty excited that last week was my first 30+ mileage week in 1-1/2 years.  Wahoo!

I ran 4x last week.

Life Latelys...

We're entering the borderline warm months where a hint of summer is upon us (Phoenix Metro hit 100 yesterday and tied the record), so we shall enjoy the next couple of months before it gets too hot (like in JUNE).  But the community pool opened this past weekend so that is going to be fun times!
I actually started this post a long time ago, but a couple of latelys... 

We got new curtains in our family room! The previous ones matched the colors of the house before we had it painted, so we tried dyeing them and that certainly was a fail, and ultimately decided they had to be replaced.  Well it was a royal DISASTER getting them replaced, however, but they are finally done!

Easter Festivities

Easter weekend we had more egg hunts for the boys (really just Bentz) and my goal was to plan nothing else more than time just with our family.  Sometimes weekends get busy and it feels like it's been forever since we've had one just to us, no distractions.

So alas, Easter weekend pictures...
Easter hat in this boy's Easter basket.  He has an Easter outfit that I ordered Prime over two weeks ago that has yet to ship.  I should probably do something about that.  :P
A girl in our ward was fundraising for her choir trip and came out the night before and hid a bunch of eggs in our yard for the morning.  It was a fun fundraising idea!
In heaven with all the eggs and candy!  He kept saying, "ohhh my gossss!"
And of course I had to experiment with the Easter ears on IG stories.
I just adore these boys!!!

Barn Door -- a DIY

There was no door from our master to our bathroom, it was just a breezeway, so one of the first things we wanted to do after moving in, was add a barn door.  The bathroom has glass block with no curtains/blinds, so when the sun comes up at 4:30-5am in the summer, it is game over.  And in the winter when Ben gets up early, it's either don't turn on the lights, or wake me up.  :P

But not anymore!  Ben decided he wanted to make one instead of buy one.  He made one out of zebrawood, which is really cool and the grain is very bold.

Our March Madness

In March we enjoyed some awesome weather, endured our first traumatic stitches ordeal, watched mister Dash master sitting up, I cut my hair again and dyed it purple, we enjoyed getting ready for Easter and doing all the holiday festivities, and we began enjoying the longer days!!

Week 23/27: Starting to feel it a little bit.

Happy Happy Easter!!  

Well hoorah, I finished my first 100+ mileage month since having baby Dash!!  119 miles total, which puts me at 276 for the first 1/4 of the year and 349 postpartum miles!  The comeback has felt slow, but baby steps have gotten me here and I am feeling really proud of my progress!

This week was good, I had 15:00 of workout, and the rest of my mileage = easy, per the recent norm.
Monday I ran into my tribe while finishing up my run!  I love that I can run outside so much more, it makes the runs soooo much more enjoyable.
I had one treadmill decline run with 3x5:00 at 8:xx pace, and I was able to put SING on again and get it done in the afternoon (Bentz asks every time I'm going to run, if I can do it "uptairs" and he can watch SING haha).  Sometimes I make dinner and then everyone eats but me, and I go run!  Then I eat afterwards, so it's nice to be able to get the run in first.  It just depends on my workload or activities that day with the boys!
I had a split long run 40:00 Friday + 14 Saturday.  This was the first week I was like, "summer is coming..."
Even though my mileage isn't drastically increasing overall, I am starting to notice its impact on my body as I do it week after week, specifically the long run.  I LOVE the long runs, they are my favorite, but I am now noticing soreness afterwards, and being exhausted throughout the weekend.  But I suppose that's par for the course.
This week I have over 30 miles and an 18 miler!!  I think I might peak at 18 miles since I am running slower these days, and my coach usually has me run up to three hours time, but we'll see.  But I am excited, I just hope for some cloud cover.