2 weeks to go: Onto the taper...

Wahoo!!  I think I made it. 


I was supposed to peak last week AND this week, but it took a bit longer to recover from 18 miles last weekend, that my coach ended up dropping one run this week and downgrading my long run and I spent some extra time focusing on stretching my knee.  But alas, by the end of this week I was gaining optimism that it is just tightness I am working through, fingers crossed.  So now the plan is to let my legs get a little recovery during the next two weeks so I can wail on Mt. Charleston. 

Meanwhile I am pretty excited that last week was my first 30+ mileage week in 1-1/2 years.  Wahoo!

I ran 4x last week.

My second run I braved the treadmill when Ben wasn't here, but I made it through to the end.  The boys sure like to watch SING, and baby Dash sure likes to watch ME.  I don't think I could do much more than an hour though, without some children squawkin'.  ;)
Day three was also half out /half in.  Ben worked a little later than usual so it's all I could squeeze in before the dark.  I just don't run in the dark.  Once the sun goes down I'm like scared of my own shadow.  :P
My long run was 18 miles, the longest one I have this whole training cycle and one I was really excited to do!! 

Funny enough, it was also the same weekend as the Buhr family reunion, and they all wanted to go to the zoo.  Well when you are going to run for 3:00, but it's also going to be 90 that day, they all left for the zoo before I even got back!  The Buhrs don't run, and frankly they think I'm a weirdo for it, but that is okay.  Running is a part of who I am and until you get bit by the bug, you just don't understand!
The run went really well and the time actually flew by.  It was about 65 degrees at the start and once the sun came up it was pretty warm, but my hydration pack has been a huge game changer.  Best part is it doesn't chafe at all!

The past three long runs I have ventured on an out and back portion that adds up to 10 miles to my regular routes, and I think it has been a bit of a mental game changer too.
Sad news though.  Ben officially deferred and I am so sad for like 14974 reasons, 3438 being selfish ones, 478592 being I feel horrible for all his hard work.  His knee thing has gotten worse despite his nursing it and PT, so our coach said he's out, but he's fighting to at least be able to run the 1/2 (to maintain his legacy status!).  Ultimately he needs to be healthy for Chicago this fall, but luckily that is still six months out.
So like I mentioned, my 18 miler went great and as the days went on afterwards, my right knee started complaining a little bit.  My first run this week I didn't even get through but it had nothing to do with my knee.  lol  It was actually a teething baby who ALSO caught a bug, poor guy.  He needed me.
So I rested Tuesday AND Wednesday, and it felt like I hadn't run in forever by Thursday, but I ran Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and things seem to be getting better.
 It was freaking windy this week though.
 My turn around point this weekend.
13 miles felt short so I think that's a good spot to be in mentally.  I also caught Bennett's bug so that is kinda crappy, but better now than two weeks from now.

Well taper begins now and we are two days from the Boston Marathon which my sister, my coach, and his wife are all running!  I am excited to track them all and to also get up early to watch the elites!!
Have a fabulous week!

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