Barn Door -- a DIY

There was no door from our master to our bathroom, it was just a breezeway, so one of the first things we wanted to do after moving in, was add a barn door.  The bathroom has glass block with no curtains/blinds, so when the sun comes up at 4:30-5am in the summer, it is game over.  And in the winter when Ben gets up early, it's either don't turn on the lights, or wake me up.  :P

But not anymore!  Ben decided he wanted to make one instead of buy one.  He made one out of zebrawood, which is really cool and the grain is very bold.

He set up shop at his brother's house for a few weeks but lucky for me he took some pictures of the progress!
They brought it here to finish up.  Ben added some steel angle iron to the sides to help it from bowing, and he stained it a gray color to go along with our house.
I spy a little B3 snoozing on "dada's bed"...
Pretty awesome I must say!  Excited to have some separation between the two rooms now.

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