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We're entering the borderline warm months where a hint of summer is upon us (Phoenix Metro hit 100 yesterday and tied the record), so we shall enjoy the next couple of months before it gets too hot (like in JUNE).  But the community pool opened this past weekend so that is going to be fun times!
I actually started this post a long time ago, but a couple of latelys... 

We got new curtains in our family room! The previous ones matched the colors of the house before we had it painted, so we tried dyeing them and that certainly was a fail, and ultimately decided they had to be replaced.  Well it was a royal DISASTER getting them replaced, however, but they are finally done!

The disaster had to do with creepy installers who smashed holes in the wall 18' up because they I guess do not know how to install curtains?  lol  But stay away from Frieda Ross Drapes.  I still need to finish my novel of a review, now that I think of it.

But the curtains look good, give them that.
(Below)  Me:  ...............did you just put a hole in the wall?
Ben had to fix their mess and install them himself.

We had a painting done to fill this large wall and it looks fantastic!!  Ben hung a blanket up to give us an idea of the size we were going to go with.  Ben and I both like artwork and our walls have a lot of it, while not a lot of other types of decor.  I do plan to add some personal touches to the walls, but I haven't gotten that far yet.  A lot has gone on in the past six-seven months.
It is really awesome!  It's the bottom half of the picture below.  I am still on a blue/purple kick, and we already have pops of color in our Gino Savarino pieces, so I think the painter nailed it combining blues/purples and neutral grays.

Ben is going to make a clock for the mantel, which is the next DIY.  I am excited about this and have pinned a bunch of ideas that I liked portions of, but then I found this guy that I really like, so this is still TBD.
Large Gray Modern Wood Clock Pallet Wood Clock от OnTimeHome

We are also looking to add some pots to our yard.  We have a few in the back but would like at least one in the front, probably more of a square/modern looking one, but there are so many to choose from.
 Check out this cool concrete table.
 And sweet fountains...
We need to win the lottery.  haha

Ben made a BARN DOOR for our master bedroom, which I already posted about here, but it is pretty awesome that I have to post about it again.

Our neighbor's house burned down last month, although we don't know the people who lived there, but still, really sad.  The Dodge Charger in the garage started it and it was a loss, but everyone got out okay.  Just a friendly reminder to keep batteries in your smoke detectors and while you're at it, make sure you have carbon monoxide detectors too.

DQ was giving out free ice cream cones on the first day of spring, so we ventured out to get some in the afternoon.

Being so patient.

I cut my hair again!  And I went all out purple and I LOVE it.  This is what I was going for the first time, but I slightly chickened out at the last minute.  Cutting 18" off and going this drastically opposite was scary, but now I embrace the change.

They started working on my dad's house which is supposed to be done in six months, right smack dab in summer, but we are excited for the future snowbirds!  It's in such a fun, nice, new area, and pretty close to us too.

I randomly decided I was going to do a clothes challenge of sorts.  Not a "capsule wardrobe," but rather just start wearing ALL of my clothes, and if there was something I really didn't want to wear, it would go.  No more holding on to clothes JIC.  No more leggings all day eryday because nobody will see me, or because I am going to go running later and have to change and get sweaty anyways (at least until hot summer when, yeah, I'll live in those running clothes :P  ).
Alas, this decision was made in January, and since then I have started to flip the hangers when I wear something and I'm slowly working through my closet.  I am not 100% back to my regular body self, my upper abs still aren't flat, so there are some tighter clothes I haven't quite made it to yet, but I have bagged up a bunch of stuff and made a lot of progress.

Bentz started "music school" and I wish I had found out about this class much sooner because he would have loved to be a part of it years ago!  It's for ages 0-4 so this fall I'll have both boys in the class!
Napping with his finger cymbals...

Bentz and I used to go to lunch with Ben every Friday until we had baby Dash.  We finally started to do some lunches together again now that it's easier to get out of the house with both boys.

And we are five days out from the Boston Marathon!!  My sister, my coach, and his wife are all running it, and I am excited to watch it and track them.  Not to mention Shalane Flanagan is running after having won NY last fall!  Also Desi Linden and Galen Rupp are running it.  It's going to be such a fun watch.  Good luck everyone!!!

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