Our March Madness

In March we enjoyed some awesome weather, endured our first traumatic stitches ordeal, watched mister Dash master sitting up, I cut my hair again and dyed it purple, we enjoyed getting ready for Easter and doing all the holiday festivities, and we began enjoying the longer days!!

Bentz (3-1/2):
-Still obsessed with dinosaurs, I think we're up to 8-9 months or so of the obsession.
-Super skinny, even occasionally wears some of the longer 18 months shorts.  I need to find a place for slim clothes.  hahaha
-Loves primary and when I try to pull him out to use the potty, he starts crying thinking I'm making him leave for good.
-Pretends he is a scary dinosaur and has made a couple of kids cry at the playground by his loud roaring.  One time he was being a loud, roaring T-rex, so I told him to be a nice pterodactyl, so he starts squealing in a high pitched voice, "pterodactyl! pterodactyl! pterodactyl!" while flapping his arms/wings.  haha
-Social as ever and is excited for preschool to start in July.  He's also starting "music school" in April, which he is also really excited for!
-Still naps
-Always closes our bedroom door so the T-rex doesn't get out.  I always leave it open since it's the warmest room in the house, but Bentz won't have that.
-Loves to play with baby Dash, sometimes is a little rough, but we're working on that.  But still doesn't seem to be jealous of Dash, which is nice.

Baby Dash (6 months):
-He is now 60% for weight which is 20% lower than he was last appointment, so he's thinning out a bit even though I feel like he's ginormous!  He was almost 18-1/2 #s so he's probably a bit more by now.
-Starting to get a nap routine, but sometimes isn't the best napper at all.  He's great at the "catnap."
-Grew out of most of his belly issues by about 5 months (when we started to sleep!) but since starting solids he is going through a bit of an adjustment period.
-Cosleeps, nurses to sleep, sleeps in the swing, all the sleep crutches around here, but who freaking cares!  IT'S SLEEP.  Bless you sleep.
-Mastered the sit-up and is clearly thrilled with himself while sitting up.  ;)  It's so cute!
-Is getting around in the walker and can sometimes spend awhile in it before he gets bored.
-Likes car rides, doesn't like his carseat much otherwise.
-Likes to face outward in the Ergo and when we are out and about, he is just happy as a clam.
-Loves apples.  Starting to get the solids down, although he has so much interest in helping with the spoon that it's often a pre-bath routine, this solids eating stuff.
-Loves mama.  Is mama's "velcro baby."
-Doesn't like to nap at mama's desk as much anymore, because now he just wants to grab at everything instead of just chill and fall asleep.  He's growing up.  :*(
-Wears his regular sizes, but his belly is sometimes a bit tight.  haha
-I think he has the same color eyes as Bentz, maybe a brownish green, like dad's.  But baby Dash's eyes are big like mama's.

Mama C
-I'm six months postpartum and noticed the biggest changes in the last two months.
-Can tell I still have some of the hormones from pregnancy because I feel it in my hips after long runs, but it is lessening.
-In the last two weeks my abs have finally calmed down after a longer run. As a friend put it on Instagram, every time I ran long it felt like I had done 1000 situps and I couldn't even lift the car seat the rest of the day! It is the WEIRDEST feeling and I think came about because of my Csection, although I never had any of it with my first Csection.
-Going out with two boys has taken a turn for the easier and we can get out of the house a lot quicker too!
-Lost the baby weight although my arms chafe when I run because they are a bit looser than they used to be, and my high abs (below my ribs) aren't flat yet.
-Still nursing B2 and it has been going really well this time around!!  He's exclusively breastfed, although I would like to get him to learn to take a bottle again, and heaven knows I will not be pumping for that bottle.  :P
-Haven't had any problems with my supply since my mileage has increased, something I had some worries about.


  1. Cute pictures! How is potty training going by the way?

    1. Good! I think we're officially potty trained! Hoorah.

    2. Nice! My 2 year isn't even interest. :( I am tired of diapers. If you have any tips I would love to hear them!!

  2. My tip is don't rush it. haha! I waited until he was 3+ and by then he was smart enough to understand it, and that really helped. I didn't mind diapers though, they were convenient in that I didn't have to worry about accidents while out and about or in the car, etc.