Week 23/27: Starting to feel it a little bit.

Happy Happy Easter!!  

Well hoorah, I finished my first 100+ mileage month since having baby Dash!!  119 miles total, which puts me at 276 for the first 1/4 of the year and 349 postpartum miles!  The comeback has felt slow, but baby steps have gotten me here and I am feeling really proud of my progress!

This week was good, I had 15:00 of workout, and the rest of my mileage = easy, per the recent norm.
Monday I ran into my tribe while finishing up my run!  I love that I can run outside so much more, it makes the runs soooo much more enjoyable.
I had one treadmill decline run with 3x5:00 at 8:xx pace, and I was able to put SING on again and get it done in the afternoon (Bentz asks every time I'm going to run, if I can do it "uptairs" and he can watch SING haha).  Sometimes I make dinner and then everyone eats but me, and I go run!  Then I eat afterwards, so it's nice to be able to get the run in first.  It just depends on my workload or activities that day with the boys!
I had a split long run 40:00 Friday + 14 Saturday.  This was the first week I was like, "summer is coming..."
Even though my mileage isn't drastically increasing overall, I am starting to notice its impact on my body as I do it week after week, specifically the long run.  I LOVE the long runs, they are my favorite, but I am now noticing soreness afterwards, and being exhausted throughout the weekend.  But I suppose that's par for the course.
This week I have over 30 miles and an 18 miler!!  I think I might peak at 18 miles since I am running slower these days, and my coach usually has me run up to three hours time, but we'll see.  But I am excited, I just hope for some cloud cover.

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