Week 26/27: ONE WEEK TO GO

One week away!!!  I am getting pretty excited!  It felt like an eternity away (especially since I signed up a YEAR ago when I was pregnant and on activity rest), but life goes fast and it is HERE!

So this week was full on taper mode and usually tapering drives me CRAZY, especially mentally, but this time around I am enjoying it.  I think not having stressful goals to mess with my mind and also having a tired body as it readjusts to higher mileage these past days, are the main reasons.
35:00 easy + 8 miles easy were my last back to back runs of this training cycle.  Next week I have two runs, that is it.
I gave my singlet a try with my newer fuel belt (STAYFIT RUNNING, it's the best belt!).  I've been long running with my hydration pack so figure I better make sure all goes well with the other combo.
"Only 8 miles, I'm sleeping in."  So the hot air balloons were long up in the air when I embarked.

If you follow me on Instagram you see that I finally split my personal account and created a running account:  @Boston4BC  For yearrrrs I've debated separating my running from my family posts because I have friends who are interested in one or the other, with the minority interested in BOTH.  So since Ben and I are both going to try to BQ in the next year, I figured it was a good time.  Plus it is a good tool to help hold us accountable to our workouts.

The downside is if you follow here AND there, you'll see some repeat images, but I hope to have additional ones to post here too!  Because I know you LOOOOOOOVE my runfies.  hahaha

Have a fabulous week!  We will, we get to see my mom!  :)

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