April Activities

In April we enjoyed the first Easter where Bentz actually knew what was going on, Bentz started music school, we watched the Boston Marathon and my sister run it in basically a hurricane, then I ran my first postpartum in polar opposite conditions, we all endured two more rounds of sickness for three solid weeks (including over my race), my mom came to visit which was awesome, and we enjoyed both chilly and warm weather here in Phoenix!

Bentz (3-1/2):
+Loves going to "music school," "primary school," and is so excited about preschool this fall that we're going to put him in some summer preschool sessions.
+Not shy and during the last day of music school, they all brought little instruments to show and play a song on, and when the teacher asked Bentz what his was, he was all, "it's a KAZOO!!" and then he proceeded to stand up and play a little tune on it.  lol  My mom was here and we kicked ourselves for missing it on video!
+Still loves dinosaurs.  Is really into making up dinosaur names and teaching us them.  "This is a dallacahdamoratiasaurus!!"
+Still napping 2-3 hours a day.
+Loves to play with baby Dash.  Especially loves when Dash is in the walker, Bentz will push him and bump him in his little car.
+Is getting so great with talking, you can even get it all when you're on the phone with him.
+Is devastated if Ben doesn't wake him up before leaving.  This morning he ran to the garage door and collapsed in a pile of full on sobs because he wanted to see his dad.  Poor guy.  He LOVES his dad.
+Got his first backpack (from my mom) and it's sooo adorable and he wears it everywhere.  It's a dinosaur backpack, I will post some pictures.

Dash (7 months):
+Can get around by rolling and such.  Pretty close to scooting, although I don't set him on the ground as often and I probably should.  #woodfloorproblems
+Cruises all around in the walker
+Sprouted two bottom teeth!
+Loves Baby Einstein.  Unfortunate for me because Baby Einstein SUCKS.  :P
+Loves loves music!  I can turn it up and he chills out.
+Co-sleeps, still nurses literally all night long.
+Bit me with his new teeth while nursing and I thought I might die.  Three days later and it still hurts like a mother to nurse him.
+Getting slightly more predictable with naps.
+Is a major busy body.  Doesn't hold still, even when he's nursing.  Just all over the place!
+Loves the dog!
+Wears size 3 diapers (I think) and his regular sized 6-9 month clothes.
+LOVES his mom!  I cannot leave his presence.

April was pretty dang good.

And I will get my race recap up soon.  I have had a steady work flow so it's taking me an extra minute to compile all the pictures/etc., but it was a fun day!

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