Chicago Marathon! Week 1/20

Four weeks after Mt. Charleston, it's now time to start thinking about ChIcAgO!  It is 19 weeks away!

First off, a little about my Charleston recovery.  It was slow!  But I can't really have thought it to be fast considering many factors, but I think I'm pretty recovered from it by now.  The next step is to get my legs to adjust to some speed work so I can hit some good goals for Chicago, more on that later.

Week 1:  Rest
Week 2:  4 runs (including the Mother's Day 5k) = 10.65 miles
Week 3:  3 easy runs + 2 XT = 13.85 miles

Then I started week 1/20 for Chicago this past week and got to do a little speed work for the first time!

 1:00 strides goal pace 7:30-8
 Fun photo shoot with @emhalesphotos (more to come!)
Then cut this run down a little because of a tight knee after the strides workout.
Saturday I ended up taking the little man out on my longer run with me.  He woke up shortly after I tried to put him down to solo sleep, and it was 5:45, so to be a nice wifey I didn't make the whole house wake up too, especially since we had stayed up late watching Jumanji with some friends in town.  Little guy just cut one of his front teeth, and the other is now cutting, with the ones to the sides also looking like they are about to cut through.  It seems like it's taking forever!  So he's even more of a mama's boy right now; I'm sure he's miserable.  Somewhere I read the pain of teething varies, but someone likened it unto the extreme of labor pains, so if that's true then that really sucks!

As I type this, baby boy is asleep in the Ergo on my chest.  <3
The weather was GORGEOUS.  It was overcast, like 68 degrees, and it's ALMOST JUNE.  Sweet!  Then I came home and stretched at the playground with the boys!
So a week recap:

Have a fantastic week!  Today we're at a high of 89 (our average is 95 right now), but I see some 100s on the week forecast.  So it begins!

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