It's gonna be May! ...or mostly April...actually ALL April :P

Emily came over with her camera and shot some great pictures of our little guys!  I'm going to have to have her take some more pictures for our walls.

Our neighborhood kid's pool opened and so Ben took Bentz out to test it out.  It's not heated so the water is still kinda chilly so they ended up at the regular pool that is heated, but I am pretty excited about the kid's pool for the summer.  This will be our first summer without a pool in our yard, and I'm hoping it works out pretty well because I don't really want to want to put one in.  They are so fun, but they are also something that subconsciously you worry about with little ones, no matter if it is fenced, etc.  I never realized that I worried at all about ours until we moved into a house without one.

My sister ran the Boston Marathon this year and I wanted to share a few of the pictures from their trip.  It looked pretty epic!  She ran with Team Sparkle.
 You probably already know, but the weather was horrible.  I thought even if the weather ended up being horrible, it wouldn't be AS horrible as it appeared to be on her videos.  It was pretty nuts.
I woke up and started watching it from bed.  It was an awesome race and when Desiree broke ahead I was freaking out and started taking pictures of my tv.  lol  My favorite part was watching her husband as she turned the corner.

The Buhrs all went to the zoo during the family reunion, and I ended up not going because they left while I was running my 18 mile peak long run because the day was supposed to be hot so they wanted to beat the heat.  Ben was so great and took lots of pictures of it though.
I stayed home to recover and hang out with the littlest.
Here are a couple of pictures from other parts of the family reunion.

My mom came into town for our marathon and then stuck around for a few more days which Bentz was so so excited about.  He just adores her and they would play all day everyday, kid you not.  I don't know how my mom does it.  lol  We miss her!

She was around for the last class of Bentz's music school, which was called "instrument day."  All the kids brought some sort of instrument, large or small, to play a little song on.  For some reason I think I already covered this in my blog because it sounds familiar to me as I type this, hahaha, but anywho, Bentz had a kazoo and sure was ADORABLE.

My dad's house that he is building down here is going up maybe a little quicker than originally estimated, and it is all framed!  They came into town last weekend to add finishing touches to the landscaping and such, it's been so fun.
We usually hit up Texas Roadhouse while they're here.

They watched the kids while Ben and I went out on a daytime date to the movies.  We saw A Quiet Place and OMG is all I will say.  Well I will add that I liked it.  And hated it.  And I want to see it again.

Then we drove past a pink wall and was like STOP!!! right here.

And these two are starting to play together a lot and it has been the best to watch!!  I love this stage!!

Bentz is always like, "awwww hi chunky monkey!  you're so cute!"  <3

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