Mother's Day Staycation & 5k Race

We did this Mother's Day family staycation at a nice resort here in town, and it included a 5k race, post race breakfast, and $50 credit to use (hello poolside food and drinks!!).  It was basically the best Mother's Day weekend ever.  Every way to a runner mom's heart.  <3
It was nice already being there the morning of the race, we just had to mosey across the grounds at the ripe hour of 6:15 instead of clear across town.  Makes a difference when you have two little ones!
Bentz wanted a race bib on his shirt too, so Ben pinned a Chipotle coupon on him.
My cute family!!  Ben was doing the 1 mile walk while I ran the 5k.  My brothers both ran the 5k too because the staycation package included four race entries. 
I met some of the MRTT ladies (Mom's Run This Town), some who I follow on Instagram but hadn't yet met because they are towns across the valley from me.  That was really fun.  They are how I discovered this staycation/race package deal since some did it last year.
We don't have any pictures of Dallin, but he took some of James and I as we came across.
Gone are the days when I had time to Photoshop all my pictures for my blog (I hope to one day get back to that, it's fun).  I did edit this one (below) for Instagram though.  ha
I met Krystal that morning and I ended up chasing her for the second half of the race.  After we finished I found out she was the FIRST female, and I was the second, overall!  The race didn't include any medals, but for the top overall finishers women/men, we got gold/silver/bronze medals.  That was awesome.
I ran a 25:52
It was a golf course so it was up, down, up, down, and all around, but I actually really liked it.
Then it was off to the pools for the day.  Phoenix got really hot for a minute, but the weather cooled back down so it was like 86 this day which was perfect for the kids.  Except maybe too cold for Bentz, but at least we all weren't frying.
One of these fountains below ended up spraying Bentz and making him freezing, and after that he got out of the water, yanked his swimsuit off, and was like, "all done."  :P
This guy is popping teeth.  I'm not sure yet how many, but it may be the top four at the same time.  He's been so miserable, poor guy!!
But he cannot get ENOUGH of the water.  He didn't care the temperature, he loves to kick and splash.  It is my favorite.  He does the same thing in the bath, literally kicks n o n s t o p.
Seriously, Bentz walks SO SLOW.  :P  He was in his own world, just poking along, so we stopped and just watched.  Then he looked up and couldn't see us.  "DADDA!!!?"  lol
Mother's Day was another fun day with the fam, along with fun treats.  Ben does a great job making me feel loved!
 I love the boys that make me MOM.
And I love their dad too!!

PS Happy Mother's Day to my AMAZING mom.  She's really the world's best and I'm lucky that she is mine!!

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  1. That hotel looks so great!
    Also, I can't believe you won 2nd place!! SO AWESOME!