Revel Mount Charleston Marathon!

Spoiler alert, I missed my time goals.  :P

But it was still fun!

With the exception of miles 22-26... those were



But first, Pre-Race
We headed out to Vegas the day beforehand (4 hours) and went straight to the Expo at UNLV.

The Expo was fun in that I ran into some friends like Camie!, and also Janae (Hungry Runner Girl) and her husband, who I've followed for a long time.  Usually we're in and out of Expos way too fast to really see many people, but this time we lingered for a minute.  Bentz got a Revel tattoo and got to run around for a little while which he undoubtedly loved.

We stayed with some friends, one of which who was running the 1/2, so we ordered pizza and let our kids all play while we wound down.  Bentz is a year older than their twins, so that made for some good times.  Then it was to bed!!

Baby Dash co-sleeps, so when my alarm went off at 2:30, I fed him and put him in the swing hoping to coax him to solo sleep with the movement, then I got ready and Ben drove me to the buses at 3.  Dash woke up right after we left, so that was the end of my mom's rest, SO grateful for her.  Ben deferred for his knee so he was also sacrificing his sleep for me because our friends didn't want to go as early as me (who can blame them, they were doing the 1/2).  I mentioned it takes a village and mine is extremely supportive!!

I got on the second bus and 45 minutes later we arrived at Mt. Charleston, which the lodge was open this year (it wasn't open my first year) so that was really nice.  Getting off the bus was fun because it was still dark and the cabins had Christmas lights on them and it felt like Christmas.  However, it was not even that cold out, I didn't even need my coat/sweats I bought, so that was alarming.

I hung out for a minute, nibbled on my bread, then started getting all ready.  I brought a handheld pump and I went outside and pumped in the dark (the lodge was a ZOO by now), then got all dressed, checked my bag, met up with the Marathon Maniacs for a picture, bathroom break, then we were off (like 10 minutes late for some reason, I think a few buses were running late).

The Race
My goal was to run no faster than 9:30 the first 1/2 which was a little hard on that decline, the world was passing me right and left, even really old people.  :P  By mile two I was already .1 miles long which was kind of crappy because I try to run tangents pretty well, so I hit the 1/2 mark exactly at a 9:30 pace with my Garmin but it was a 9:33 official with the added mileage.

I started noticing the temperature probably within the first 5k, so at each aid station I'd splash water on my legs.  Overall though, the first half was pretty uneventful and nice, and the water at aid stations was still chilly which is the best.

(free pictures so I have to put most of them on here)

Halfway I was still feeling good and I slowed down aiming for a 9:55 pace so that I could reserve some energy for the end (ultimately hoping for a 9:43 average pace...a 4:14:xx).  Around 15 miles my left toe was really bothering me and usually those kinds of things I don't even notice until AFTER a race so that was a little crappy.  (I did end up with a jammed big toe.)

The heat was making me thirsty and by mile 21 my efforts were getting tougher and I realized I probably wasn't going to have anything in me to be able to pick it back up for the end.  "But that's fine, I'll still have a 9:43 average if I can keep it around 9:55!"   The plan.  :P

Thennnn somewhere mile 22 I felt my body drain and I totally bonked.  I remember running up to a guard rail for the little bit of shade.  lol  There was an aid station with Otter Pops somewhere along the last few miles and that was the most amazing Otter Pop of my life!

But I walked a LOT.  My stomach was off from the extra drinking/sloshing I think, walking made my IT bands tighten up which made it harder to get moving again.  My legs were done-zo, and I didn't know how I'd walk four more miles let alone run them!!!  If you've ever been in this spot with the marathon, you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.  The despair!!  haha

By this point I wasn't alone in my struggle to finish and I was able to run with different people all the while encouraging each other.  This is the best part of running!  One girl (Stephanie!) came up from behind me, "come on girl, let's do this, to that light pole ahead."

It was the longest last hour of a marathon in my life.  It was the SLOWEST trot across the finish line, I still couldn't muster anything, but alas, I made it!!  And when I saw my family, and my little Bentz light up when he saw me, it made it worth it!

I like this picture below because he shows what I felt.

Poor Camie had a rough race and ended up with a stress fracture.  :/

4:26:41 (2:04 + 2:22)

11:04 <--mile 22
14:29 <--ouch
4:26:44 for 26.32 miles @ 10:08

This is from my Garmin which I'm not exactly sure how it measure temperature, but it shows how the race got really hot.

Little Dash doesn't take a bottle so he got to eat apples while I was gone!  So cute!!  Love this crew!  And my mom too (who took the picture)!

I knew it would be a harder race considering my legs had seen the bare minimum to get me there, and the heat isn't helpful, but I am pretty proud to have pushed on and finished a marathon 7 months postpartum after not running throughout my pregnancy!!  I think the real triumph was in the training despite sleep deprivation, calorie deficiency at times (my fault, but you know about that newborn haze), life, etc., but I kept my eye on the overall goal and it kept me feeling human and individual.

We were all exhausted after the race that we didn't stick around long, I didn't even shower (I could hardly move lol) so we jumped in the car and journeyed back home.

Pit stoppin' to feed the baby.
 On the road again.

We're both registered to run next year and they moved the race up to 5:30am (hoorah!) and hopefully we'll get good weather like the first two years.  I really wish they'd move the race up a few weeks!  But other than the heat, it really is a great race!

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