Marathon V7.0 Training Week 2/20

I just finished up week two and I had a bit of a cranky knee, but it seemed to have loosened up over the week.  I've been diligently stretching it 2x a day and I think that has helped, so that makes me happy.  

May was low on miles but even so, I'm on track to hit 1000 for the year.  It's not really a goal for this year considering being eight months postpartum, but it would be a great achievement!
I still need to post all the awesome pictures from my photoshoot with @emhalesphoto.  I go from wanting to post them ALL AT ONCE!! to also wanting to let them trickle out.  :P
Between doing my strides outside in the heat, and the cranky knee, I only did four of them during my "speed workout" of the week.  The goal was 7:30-8 pace.

I did my long run on Friday night since I had a hike Saturday morning planned.  It was hot, but really, if I run easy it's not bad!
It was also National Donut Day, so we took a trip to Dunkin' Donuts.  Funny story, our neighborhood Facebook page tends to mock the local Dunkin' Donuts saying they always run out of ...donuts.  :P  We headed down around 8:30 that morning and, well, they weren't out of donuts, but they had one glazed donut left...which is what we went for.  And it was smashed so I don't want to know where it was hiding.  lol  So boo, but the chocolate ones were good enough.
I had three donuts so hoorah for running 6 miles.  ;)
Saturday morning I got together with some running friends, for a hike.  I have followed a couple of them for a long time on Instagram/blogs, but only met Corine (far right) one time, so it was a great time meeting them and then going to get breakfast with hilarious convo.  lol
I finished the week at 20 miles.
And we're kissing the 90s goodbye, onto the real heat training.  I think this week my speed work will have to be on the treadmill.

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