May Mayhem

May was a great month where we got to see a bunch of family, had some great weather (which is now heating up), enjoyed a Mother's Day staycation and race, I cut my hair a little shorter (and I'm still trying to learn how to do it but I like it), and we hung out and watched the boys get older which seems to happen way freaking fast.

Here are my collage a day pictures...

Bentz:  3-1/2:
+Is SO excited for school and starts it this upcoming week (summer school camp).

+Loves The Greatest Showman and watches it everyday while he eats lunch.  I'm amazed that he can sing along to the songs and he knows phrases from the movie.  His favorite phrase:  "What are you looking at flop doodle?"

+Still won't get in the pool.  I'm putting him in swimming lessons this summer to get over this new found fear, which I actually think is the fear of being cold, not water.

+Is very interested in time and we just ordered him his first watch (a dinosaur watch of course).  He eats lunch at 11 and sometimes I'll push it back a few minutes if I am in the middle of work and the boys are content, but now Bentz will see the 11 on the clock and be like, " says 11, it's supposed to be lunch time."  :P  He asks "what does the clock say?" like 24930 a day, sometimes every time it changes for like a duration of 30 minutes.  If I just tell him a time off the top of my head because I don't want to check the clock for the 400th time, and I tell him the wrong time, "nuh uh mom, it's not that."  hahaha

+Loves baby Dash.  Loves to ride his Strider bike around the kitchen while Dash is running around it in his walker.

+Always wants to go to the playground but is sad when he's there alone.  "Where are my priends??"  (friends)

+Gets completely undressed to use the bathroom.  This could get interesting come the start of preschool.  I am trying to convince him he doesn't need to, but he is so insistent that it's not worth a struggle.

+Loves peanuts.  It's food + an activity of cracking them open, what could be better?

+Also loves Play-Doh and rolling it out and stamping animals into it, or cutting it with Play-Doh scissors.  "I'm making you dinner, mom."

+Requires dad to rub his back and cover his toes with the blanket before he will go to bed.  Also likes to carry around a burp cloth (probably because baby Dash has one).  Requires a matching bib at lunch time as baby Dash too.

+Calls breakfast, "breck-est."  :D

+Is the sweetest boy EVER!  We love him!!!

Dash (8 months):
+He cut his two front teeth and is currently cutting his teeth next to those.  It has been miserable for him to basically cut the four at once, but we're getting to the home stretch (of these ones at least).

+Loathes being on the ground.  I wonder if he will skip crawling and go straight to walking because he has full interest in standing and walking and will let go of you in an instant, although he's not yet ready to walk.  He can get around on the ground via steamrolling if needed, but how rude mom, pick him UP stat.

+I am trying to lengthen the time between nursing and we're down to about 4 times a day .....and all night long literally, but he's doing pretty well with solids and self feeding.  He still has a major sweet tooth, but I can get him to eat sweet potatoes and squash.  Not so much a fan of greens.  And still would rather just nurse.  I don't know how we're going to get any sleep when I wean him in three months, but I'm not going to think about that right now.

+LOVES water, the pool, the bath.  It is his favorite ever!

+Mama is still his favorite.

+Sleeps less than his older brother.  I don't know if it's the teething that won't let him nap well very often or if he just doesn't need as much sleep as I would think, but I'm quite surprised at times that he is just ready to party.  I think he'd sleep in longer in the mornings though, if we didn't co-sleep, because I have to get up.

+Has the sweetest smile and brightest eyes!  He is still a chunk and we still call him "chunky monkey."

+Major busy body.  MAJOR

+Reminds me of ME as a baby.  I think Bentz looks like Ben and Dashy boy looks like me.

+Is the sweetest, we LOVE him!!

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