Mesa-Phoenix Marathon Ambassador! + Week 5

Yay!  I am really excited to be chosen as a Phoenix Marathon Ambassador for this upcoming 2018-2019 year!  This race is so well put on and my family comes into town to run it each year.  It's flat/fast and a lot of BQs are made!!

You can use my code CHRISTYRUNS10 for $10 off the half or full distance (sorry, not the 10k).  The date next year is a hair earlier, Saturday, FEB 9th, 2019.
This is our 5th year running it (although years 1 & 4 I was pregnant/sick and didn't run).  So below:  2018, 2017, 2016, 2015
Right now we're planning on running the 1/2 distance and crazily enough it is only 7+ months away.

Onto Chicago training week 5/20, where the hot temperatures showed up.  It is officially summer!  Which is honestly a little crazy because it's almost July.  
I had my first tempo run in a year and a half + and it went really well despite being on the treadmill which I usually don't like.  It is too hot to tempo outside in the p.m. and my instruction was 3 miles "comfortably hard" which ended up around an 8:30.
Gah why are our boys SO CUTE!!
Friday was a little nuts.  I ran 4 miles in 106 degrees!  My running temperature cut off has been 110 in the past, but this run felt really hot that I think I'll knock it down to 105.  I definitely would NOT recommend this type of running unless you are acclimated and extremely careful.  I would also stick to shade, turn the pace off your watch, and run as easily as you can.  It's all about miles not pace!  And pack your hydration pack full of ICE.
My long run was 9.  I was up ridiculously early and still thought I might die by mile 4 because it was in the 80s and just b l a z i n g with sunshine.  My average heart rate was the same as it was in 106 degrees the evening before. :P

When I get up to peak long runs, I may have to load my family in the car at 3:30am and have them follow me around until sun up, because in the past my coach has preferred I hit the concrete for the long runs instead of the treadmill (treadmill adds some cushion).  But we will see.  This is my first time training for a time goal 26.2 over an Arizona summer!
And I didn't ask permission, but hopefully it's cool that I post this.  After I ran a 24:33 5k a week+ ago, my coach posted this on our team's Facebook group, which, 1-made me feel good yes!, but 2-also points out how you don't have to always train fast to run fast!:

Hey gang, wanted to share an example of how consistency pays off and how running quick doesn't have to be built on a bunch of "speed work", and intensity.

Christy had a baby last September and after her doc clearance, we started back easy. She gradually progressed her distance/volume in training but 95% of the running was "easy" or "zone 2" (10:30-9:30 pace)... She has been very consistent (calendar 95% green on Training Peaks). Her weekly volume would be near 25-30 miles/week. She even did a half and full marathon in there for fun, not for time.

Last week she ran a 24:33 5k (7:50+/mile pace), *first women overall, and near a PR (PR is 24:18) I post this example of how a running plan built on consistent running...even though mostly easy, can still lead to quick racing with shorter distances.

*It was actually 2nd overall

Anywho, we're past the summer solstice, it's almost July, and even though our nighttime lows are going to still climb, maybe we'll get some storms rolling through for the next few months of summer training. Cross your fingers. Or as our little boy would say, fingies.  :D

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