Sauna to chilly: Weeks 3 & 4

It is officially summer around here!!  I'd say when we are over 100 to 105 is when I'm like, "yup, no more denial, it is now warm."  Whatya do.  You just keep runnin'!
I had hill repeats on the treadmill during week 3.  I had 2:00 at 4% every mile and I left the pace alone the whole time.  The treadmill is harder for me and I thought it'd be extra rough since I hadn't been on it for a few weeks, but it ended up being pretty comfortable!  I think it's because of the heat training.
I ran to the store and met my family one evening.  We had to pick up a few groceries and snacks for our vacation and it was the only time I could really fit the run in, but it worked perfectly.

Back to back long run, I had 7 the next morning.  If I run in the morning, it's super early because the sunrise is early, but not a lot of people are out by then so sometimes I get a little creeped out by the peace and quiet and I run in my hood for a minute.  That's the nice thing about winter running, you get to sleep in and then there are people already out and about.

Week 4 was in NEWPORT BEACH.  Gah, I want to live there, it is amazing.  It makes me happy on so many levels, and the weather...amazing.  Well maybe a little chilly, but very nice for running!  I was so happy to see my easy efforts resulting in faster paces.
We ran a family 5k race in fabulous attire.  We drew names, went to the thrift store, and bought a race outfit for that person.  My outfit ended up not fitting, pretty sure it was a youth's size because it was my regular size so I told my brother it'd fit, but it was SO TIGHT, I couldn't hardly get it over my feet and it ended up with huge holes in the crotch from me running.  lol  It was actually a full-on jumpsuit but I couldn't get my arms in the arm holes.  I will post more pictures when I do a full post on the race.

This picture was our best one, but hey hey for my horrific pose.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I ran a postpartum PR and my splits were 8:28, 7:38, 7:36 = 24:33 which put me 2/65 females overall.  :P  I finished and a lady walked up to me with a medal and a mug and was like, "you're second overall!"  WHAT I AM??  I was hoping to 1-see 7:xx on my watch for at least a mile, and 2-beat my last 5k time of 25:52.  But 3-I was wearing a polyester jumpsuit and it was also just a fun race, so it was kinda up in the air.

Ben ran a 21:23 for 3rd male overall, so he also got a mug which was fun!  His splits were 7:17, 6:57, 6:34.  Not bad for a dress.  ;)
I asked for a step back week because of vacation, but uh, I probably shouldn't have because now I get to do my harder workouts on the treadmill.  :P

On to a new week, some sauna running, and trying my hardest to not be depressed that vacation is over...

Have a great week!!

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