Feelin' hot hot hot. Weeks 6-7.

We are 13 weeks from Chicago now and so far so good with training for the most part.  Ben felt his knee a little this past week so there is some stress involved with that, but hopefully it's just his legs adjusting to a little bit higher mileage and not a sign of the knee issue coming back.
I do a lot of my cross training with baby Dash strapped to me.  I consider it 20# weighted lunges, squats, single leg deadlifts, etc., and it really can make my legs SORE.  It's sometimes the only way to get some cross training in on a busy day.
Another tempo run on the treadmill but a bit slower this week.  3 "comfortably hard" miles ended up being 8:57, 8:53, 8:48.
11 miles went well and the weather wasn't too bad, I think the low was around 80 which was welcomed for this time of year.
This past week was definitely a HOT ONE.  The temps skyrocket right before we get monsoons, and there are monsoons finally on the forecast which is great.  I will take humidity over high temperatures and direct sunshine!
The fourth of July we ran our favorite 4 mile race.  This is a fun one because it's sometimes comically hot, but the race is FAST, bringing out speedy school runners who run 5:00 miles.  There were multiple 20:xx finishers which is so fast for 4 miles, especially in warm conditions!!

I ran a 8:24 pace for 33:38 and that ended up being 2/27 in my age group!!  I did NOT expect to place in my age group, so that was awesome.  I was also 53/259 for gender and 186/545 overall.
This week my coach added elliptical training as part of my cross training.  He wants to get me doing more aerobic training with less stress on my body, and as much as it's hard to get to the gym these days, if it'll help me get my sub-4 at Chicago and my BQ next spring, I will do it!  

My mom came along and the boys did too!
Friday night I ran 5 on the treadmill.  It was a rough afternoon as we said goodbye to Rykar at 3:30pm, my sweet Italian Greyhound.  He was deaf, blind, couldn't control his bowels, and had slowly lost his marbles, so as hard as it was to make the decision, I know it was the right one.  That doesn't help the pain too much though, I miss him and the memories we made over the last FIFTEEN years!  RIP my sweet little boy.
Rykar going on his last drive.  My brother took him in and cuddled him until his final breath.  I will certainly do a post on him and his life.
My long run this week was comically hot.  We set a, I think it was 2nd? all time record for highest low of the night, a lovely 95 degrees.  This picture below was before 5am and I was already hot and I hadn't even started.  lol

I packed over 50 ounces of water, filled my hydration pack with ice, and during mile 10 ran out!  So next time I deal with this kind of run I will for sure bring my bottles in the front pockets, probably with some Gatorade too.

(And if you're wondering, I am taking a few months break from my eyelash extensions.  hahaha  Now I look like a boy.  :P  )
This extremely unclear picture below (wtf Blogger) shows a broken drip system sprinkler spraying.  I literally laid down there and soaked myself.  I was a happy camper.
Onto rest day and then a step back week for me, which I think my legs are going to be excited about.  They're tired as.

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