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Oh June, you went fast.  Bentz started summer camp preschool, we enjoyed the community pool a lot, went to Newport Beach with the family for a week, went to Newport Beach with the family for a week, went to Newport Beach with the family for a week.  I am so sad that Newport Beach is over, it was so fun that I had to mention it three times.  I'm seriously d e p r e s s e d it is over.  Will someone buy me a house on the beach?

But June was good to us and the weather wasn't even that bad (unless I was running in it, then it was a little warm).  ;)  

Onto July, the month we start seeing monsoons!

Bentz (3.75)
+Started preschool (summer camp) and LOVES it so, so much!  He's been doing so well in it that the teacher invited him to do full day in the fall when he starts official preschool.  I miss the little guy when he's gone, but sometimes his 10000 questions make me a crazy person, so it's been a nice little change.  ;)

+Really into time.  Knows he can get up from his nap when it says 4.  Knows lunch is at 11, "eleben."  Asks me if it's "eleben" probably 500 times an hour until it hits "eleben," even though he can read the clock now and totally knows that it's NOT ELEBEN YET.  haha  :P

+Still naps 2-3 hours in the afternoon.

+Loves the word "competition."  If anyone or anything says it, he perks up, "competition??"

+His primary teacher's house burned down a few weeks ago which was so sad, and Bentz was really concerned and makes me dribe by it (drive by it) on the way to and from preschool to see if there is stuction on it yet (construction).

+Likes to count down to grandma coming to visit, or a fun event, by "three more sleeps."

+Loves to play with baby Dash, especially when Dash is in the walker.

+Loves to toodle around the house in his little cars or on his Strider bike, which he can really get going fast on!  I wonder if I need to put a helmet on him in the house sometimes.  :P

+Fell in love with the beach when we were in California, and also loved the water (thanks to Matt and James).  Now he lovvvves the pool and asks for a bath everyday.  Crazy how that totally 180d.

+Likes to do that, "we're goin' on a bear hunt, we're goin' on a bear hunt," so he must do that in school.  Also knows the days of the week in order thanks to that fun song.

+He's been potty trained for about 5 months now and just quit wearing pull-ups for nap time.

+Busted out with his first swearword so I suppose my constant afternoon play of THE OFFICE on my family room tv has to come to an end.  Freaking Michael Scott, why couldn't it have been a funny swear word at least??  :P

+Now says "Bentwee" instead of "Bentee" for his name.  Has been practicing writing it, but it's still a work in progress.

+IS SO SWEET and I wish he would stop growing up.  He's sensitive, caring, and loves his mama.  (He's still totally a daddy's boy and has dad wrapped around his finger though!)

Dash (9 months)
+Has seven teeth and I'm sure number eight is on its way anytime to even it up.  He looks so grown up with his teef.

+Is army crawling everywhere when I put him down.  Still doesn't officially crawl, but still doesn't get much time on the ground.  :P

+Nurses 3-4 times a day and today we started a sippy cup so I can somehow slowly start weaning him.  How will I wean this cute baby and get him in his own bed when he nurses alllll night long in bed next to me??  lol  But I have to by Ben and my Chicago trip in October.

+LOVES THE WATER.  Have mercy, he doesn't care if it's cold, let him get in and let him kick and splash!  If he's grumpy, turn on the bath and he gets so excited instantly.

+Loves yogurt, eats some for breakfast everyday and lately has started to cry if I only give him one container of it, so lately the tubs has been devouring two!

+Becoming much better with a morning nap, but the afternoon is still up in the air, usually leaning towards failure.  haha

+Sooooo busy.  I have always joked that he's like Sharp Tooth in Land Before Time, when they thought Sharp Tooth was dead, then suddenly his eye goes from shut to...OPEN.  Bam, awake and on the go.  There is no transition.

+Weighed in at the 50% for weight, something a little taller for height (I can't remember), and 96% for head!  His soft spot was also closed by 9 months.  So he's thinning out and has a largo melon.  :)

+Is absolutely ADORABLE!

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