Weeks 8 & 9: MoNsOoNs

Two more weeks in the bank.  ✓✓  We had some stormy, crazy weather (!!) and then just temperatures around 100 for the most part, so it's been pretty easy to get my runs in outside.  

This upcoming week, however, 117.  YIKES.

Week eight was step back.  I did four on the treadmill and then we all ventured for an evening at Wet N Wild waterpark!  I find it humorous that the ONE day I put together a water park get together and have people schedule work off, it storms like crazy and our 119 day drought comes to an end in grand fashion.  hahaha!!
On our way to the park we got flood warnings on the radio.  But tickets were already bought!  How bad CAN it be?  It's like 105 out, so clouds are fine.  IT NEVER RAINS WE'LL BE FINE.
20 minutes later we were running for our LIVES!
30 minutes later the park closed for damage and we all got full day vouchers to come back another day (we had only purchase after 4pm tickets, so it worked out).

But holy cow, the wind knocked the stop light down.  It was an insane storm to say the least! 
We got home and our big Palo Verde tree didn't make it, and our garbage cans were gone.  lol  Why do the storms like trash day?
The whole week was monsoony.  I ran in a torrential sideways tornado/hurricane DOWNPOUR and had two cars stop and ask if I wanted a ride.  I was like, "actually...I like this.  Beats 105 degree running."  lol  Sure made my faster paces easier.
I apparently deleted the image with my stats, but below was an easy four on the treadmill, then I had a negative split six miler the following morning for my step back long run.
*I also should add that I have started doing one day of elliptical training on top of strength training 2x per week so I can get some more aerobic training but with lower impact.  That being said, I had never been on the elliptical before, like ever.  Are you supposed to keep it all smooth by bending your legs or let yourself bounce up and down?  haha

Week nine Charlie totally mixed it up.  I typically run M, W, F, Sa, but this week he had me run M, T, W, with some higher than usual weekday mileage those days, then two days of cross training following, and the long run!
My family all went on a Segway tour of Newport Beach and they loved it, so my brother bought a little Segway and now I want one.  It's awesome!!  Jokes aside, yes, I actually ran.  :P
There is this long stretch of flat road that I always tell Ben I want to run, well I got my chance with 800m repeats @5k effort!  It's about 800m flat, or if you run over a little overpass you can get 1200m or so.  It is perfect and I had a fun time.
My pictures aren't all the same width but long gone are the days where I have the time to care.  haha
My long run!  We visited Thatcher where we spent a year living and have family, and I got to retrace the roads I spent many months training for my first marathon on!  It was fun.  The town is small so my route took me around, and back around and such, but I liked stopping by our old spots.
I mention that it's hard to get out early because mister Dash is kind of high needs for his mama, so I "slept in" until 5, then put him in his carseat with Baby Einstein.  bahaha
 Our first house...
 Our first apartment (which was before the house)...
And my in-laws have an ice machine with the pebble ice and I filled my hydration pack chock full of it.  Hello heaven.
A successful week and that makes us 11 weeks out from the race!  We've booked our trip and are staying at the host hotel! and now we're planning out what fun stuff we're going to do too.  Definitely going to do a Segway tour.  ;)

We're getting so excited!!!!!!

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