And now... a Jazzy July update

July was a pretty good month!  I just posted about the 4th and 24th and those celebrations which are always fun, we've had some big monsoon storms roll through (another one last night!), celebrated Ben hitting the big 4-0 and went on a hot air balloon ride, had to say goodbye to my sweet puppy pup Rykar, Bentz started preschool, Ben and I both started ramping up our mileage for Chicago (9 weeks out!), and we watched my dad's house start to really come together!  They close next month which rocks.

On to August where the average temperatures technically have dropped, but you never know if that will mean anything or not because our hottest days have been the past couple.  :P

Bentz 3.958333
+Started official preschool and goes 2x a week for 6:00 each day!  It's a long time but he has been doing great so far and his teacher says he hasn't teared up or had any problems.  There is a morning and an afternoon class of 12 kids each, but 8 of them go for the full day (both a.m. and p.m.) and they eat lunch in between.

+Talks about his upcoming 4th birthday all the time.  "I'm going to be pour on my birthday!"

+Suddenly became obsessed with Peppa Pig.  I think they read a Peppa Pig book at school or something, because now he watches it every morning during breakfast.  "Peppa Pig is my paborite show!"

+I was on the phone with Ben and Bentz goes "mom did you eat all the candy??  You can't do that!!  You're a stinker!" lol

+I asked him if he had to use the potty at preschool and he said, "yeah, I peed.  But my pwiend pooped.  Miss Carrie had to wipe my pwiend's bum."  hahaha

+I bought some bigger sandals for fall when flip flops are harder to find but still are acceptable in Arizona, and Bentz has started to wear them even though they are a hair too big.  "They aren't too big mom." as he walks while sliding his feet to keep his shoes from falling off.

+Doesn't need a pull-up for naps but we still put one on at night JIC [he gets in our bed].  However... we actually put a diaper on him at night, we no longer buy pull-ups.  Because he wears the same size as Dash.  #twobirdsonestone

+Asks a lot of questions and says the funniest stuff.  By a lot I mean he just asks and doesn't ever stop.  It's super cute until you are under pressure for anything and then it becomes a little trying.  :D  But really, it is cute.

+"I'm so excited for grandma come to my birthday!"  -Bentz literally right now

+Opens the cabinet and pulls out the 3# weights.  "I'm getting all swoll."

+I packed Bentz a pickle in his school lunch and he said, "mom I'm not going to eat my green thing." "Well why not? You love pickles." "Because it's so messy, it will drip."

+Me: "don't fall or you'll bonk your melon."  Bentz:  "and some brains will come out all over the ploor?" (floor)

+Had to fill in the blank for the primary program:  "I know I am a child of God because___"  "Because I'm strong and swoll."  bahaha

+We go to bed and watch a show (lately Brother vs: Brother) and then Bentz gets in his own bed when the clock reads nine zero zero.  He used to climb back into our bed at like 5 or 6am, but lately it's like midnight, "I'ma get in dada's bed okay."  :P

+Is still very social!  Will walk straight up to his friends and just start talking, which sometimes is a little nerve racking for shy kids.  Loves to play with older kids too.  When we went to Thatcher he just wouldn't stop talking about his cousin Ragan (who is 10), and Ragan was nice enough to take him under her wing all weekend and play with him.

+Says "bey" instead of "boy."  "I'm such a good bey!"  lol

+He has started to realize that while I'm running on the treadmill it is kind of like free reign on the house.  He used to just sit and watch a movie next to me!  The other day he went downstairs out of sight so I stepped off the treadmill, "Bentz what are you doin!?"  "Just eatin' bacon."  lol  He got a container of bacon out of the fridge and ate it all.  Like six pieces.  Another time he disappeared so I jumped off the treadmill and peaked down the stairs to see him with the freezer drawer open, leaning into it as far as he could with his feet off the ground, looking for a Popsicle.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Mister Dash (.95800000)
+Is getting around pretty well.  Crawls, does that one legged crawl Bentz used to do, and he pulls himself up on everything!  He seems to be on the same timeline as Bentz was, so I'm curious to see when he'll start officially walking.

+Is thinning out a bit and loosing all his baby chub.  Waaah.

+Is pretty bald, but there is a hint of dark hair coming in!  I do like him bald, it makes him look younger.  :)

+Loves his mama sooo much, but this week was the first week where I came home from the gym/run and he didn't start crying once he saw me in the room!  I think his new found mobility has kept him interested in his surroundings and given him the desire to be a little independent.

+Nurses 1-2 times per day.  Annnnnnnd nonstop from about 9pm to 6am.  LOL  I really need to stop that though, because when my mom comes to watch the boys she is going to get NO sleep if I don't train this boy to sleep without a boob in his mouth.

+Refuses a binky or bottle or sippy cup.  I am trying!  I even put juice in it but nope, he just chews it and throws it.  Send help. 

+Has the cutest dimples ever and the biggest eyes (like me!) but he has these amazing eyelashes too, that mama does not have unless she pays for them.

+Has 8 teeth and seems like he's teething again, so my guess is maybe his first molar is on its way.  We've not been sleeping well this week.

+Loves his swing and even though it hardly swings anymore (lol) I will put him in it until he no longer wants it.  Because this boy is BUSY.

+Loves music, both boys do.  If he gets angsty in the car then I turn on some big beats from my running playlist or the Greatest Showman and he chills.

+Still plays in the playpen which is nice because he stays put.  Except one time I looked over and it was half collapsing on him.  :P

+Loves Baby Einstein and Dave & Ava!  Dave & Ava is actually cute and quality material, so that's so nice.  I have not shown him Barney yet...

+We've made it 11 months with breastfeeding and it's been relatively easy once we got past the first month.  It's convenient, and I love that I can soothe him.

+Has become a 3x napper over the past month.  Morning nap, after lunch, and then 50% of the time he squeezes in another one (usually while I run on the treadmill).  It is nice being on a schedule and I can usually get some overlap during nap #2 with Bentz.  And I work like a mad woman.

+Says mama and some other jibberish which is super cute.  Definitely finding his little, cute voice.

+Favorite food is still yogurt but he also likes baby cookies and those baby puffs in vanilla maple.  I think someone has a sweet tooth.  ;)

+Really into crossing his feet these days.  As I speak he is asleep in his swing with his legs crossed.

Love these little boys!!!

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