Jubilant July (and a 4 mile race!)

4th of July!

Bentz learned about the America Flag in his primary class.  I love hearing about the things he learns in his classes, like lately he has been talking about how "mommy, daddy, baby Bennett and Bentwee are all a pamily!" after he learned about families.  <3

I am full of tangents these days.  That's what happens when you are royally behind on your blog posting.

On the 3rd of July we went to fireworks at the water park.  It was pretty painless and we just pulled off the road into the field nearby.  By painless I mean we got nails in two of our tires which robbed us of $800, BUuuuut it was fun watching the fireworks at least.  And having my mom here was the best.
We had such strong family traditions on the 4th of July as a kid (and basically until I moved away from Utah) so it's kind of hard having your past time favorite holiday be celebrated on a much smaller, and hotter scale in Arizona.  It was SO nice having my mom here though, to help bring some of the familiarity of the 4th.  :)
We woke up at the crack of dawn and ran a 4-mile race with the Arizona Road Racers.  This race brings out a lot of fast runners from schools and has a great turn out (with a full on BBQ afterwards) so I never expect to place, but I pulled a 3rd/27 place in my age group!!

It's also sometimes comically hot, like it was 90 degrees by 6:30am when we started.  But, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!  (Stand a little talllll er.)
It's a gentle decline in the shade for the first half, then a gentle incline in the sunshine for the second half.  It's really kind of a bleh elevation course, but I keep going back to race it a couple of times a year.  I was 6+ minutes faster than I was when I ran this course in December (3 months PP).
Then we have to hit up the pool for some 4th of July water fun.  We have missed having a pool in our backyard (although not worrying about it) but it's been nice to have a great community pool.

Little Dash is a fish and Bentz is turning into a fish too, I mean pish.  :D

Then onto the 24th of July, Pioneer Day, a Utah holiday, or a holiday in Thatcher or smaller towns around Arizona.  We didn't go last year because I was massive and we were moving, but we try to head out to Thatcher to see the family and hang out during some fun festive times. 

We went up a day early and my in-laws have a cabin up on Mt. Graham so we got to go up there!  It was significantly cooler up there too!  It even rained and got to almost 60 degrees and I was freezing.  :P
I usually end up in the back seat after the initial nap time is over.  If Dash can see his mama, he's happy.  If he cannot see his mama, he is not so much into a long drive.
I had a 13 miler in the morning and I had a little bit of a cranky knee so I knew a downhill run would be a horrible idea, plus it's not the most pedestrian friendly route and it's high elevation, so we drove back down that night instead of staying the night.  One time we'll have to go up and sleep there!
Nap time always proves to be more difficult when not at home, but we were successful with some car rides and walking around in the Ergo.
The Saturday before the 24th they have a town festival type day where they have a Pioneer Day parade followed by a BBQ and fireworks on the football field.  And I guess this year a really long "Pioneer Day pageant."  Have mercy...on my bored soul...
Last time we went it was sunny and over 105, but this year it was cloudy and more around 100 degrees which was sooo nice.  Thatcher gets a lot more monsoons than Phoenix does and they're a little cooler (they do have the best weather there), I think they can count on storms nearly daily during monsoon season!
And that was July in a festive glimpse!  Next up will be all my daily collages from the month and a boys update, something I love putting together.

I also finally separated all my Newport Beach photos so I can get cracking on posting them too.

Have a fabulous weekend!  It's the CrossFit Games.  Who's going to win?  Mat Fraser, but what female??

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