The Ocean Breeze 5k!

I touched briefly on this race in one of my weekly training recaps, but we ran a 5k race in Long Beach, the Ocean Breeze 5k!

In costume.
We drew names, went to the local thrift store, bought outlandish outfits for said person, and that was what we all had to wear.  

 The outfit reveal back at the beach house.
I drew Jolie's name and got her this fabulous Spongebob Squarepants helmet, which she scrubbed before wearing.  lol
 Morning of we were up and mingling in our fancy outfits, ready to seize the day, or something.
 Bid the sleeping boys farewell and left them with grandma Laura.
 We pulled up and were quite the sight.  Pretty sure nobody took us seriously.
And we were off!  It wasn't chip timed or anything, so I probably could have started a little more to the front, but eh.
Ben was 3rd male overall!  I think he sailed in right behind this guy in the blue.  Probably the drag from the yellow dress.  ;)
 I finished 2nd female overall!  To my surprise.  I hadn't done any speed work yet since having baby Dash.
I ran a postpartum PR and my splits were 8:28, 7:38, 7:36 = 24:33 which put me 2/65 females overall! 

Ben ran a 21:23 for 3rd male overall, and his splits were 7:17, 6:57, 6:34.  

Time to get faster and PR all the distances this year.  :D  Vacation races are the absolute BEST!

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