Weeks 10 & 11 - Lots of Treadmill!

8+ weeks until CHICAGO!  

8+ weeks until I need to have baby Dash WEANED and SLEEPING!  hahaha  That does cross my mind as much as only have 8+ weeks of training left to get a sub 4:00 race time when I'm not quite there yet.  So much to DO.  So little TIME.

Have we talked race goals?  They aren't set in stone yet, but the original goal was/is 3:xx.  I am training through this summer heat which makes it hard to know my true fitness levels, but so far I have been hitting all my workout paces.

I did speed work (5x800s @ 7:30 pace) and that's been my regular Wednesday workout for a few weeks.  This upcoming week I actually swap it for hills.
I had no long run week 10 because I had my Saturday off to surprise Ben on his 40th birthday balloon ride.  I still managed to pull off 28 miles though.
Week 11!  More treadmill miles because it's been over 105 out (like 110 or more) and I've been able to get my runs in before Ben gets home, which has been nice to have family time instead of boys night out.  Not all of my pictures show treadmill, because, well, treadmill pics are kinda boring.
I have been trying to run my zones a little better.  All throughout spring it was everything easy, but now I am trying to get speed back and I recently realized I just kind of run easy still, maybe too easy.  That was good for postpartum, but now I'm 11 months postpartum that I don't need to play it as safely anymore, plus I have a great base.

My zones are based off my threshold pace, and take into consideration the current heat/weather and are per my coach:

Z1:  9:31+
Z2:  9:07-9:30
Z3:  8:28-9:07
Z4:  8:00-8:28
Z5z:  7:45-8:00
Z5b:  7:11-7:45

 More 5x800 @7:30 on the treadmill (below):
My long run was horrific, really!  I haven't had a run that bad in maybe a couple of years.  My stomach was giving me some trouble the night before, then that morning it was really hurting.  Sometimes running calms it down, but it did not calm down and I couldn't take any Gu and it was just dumb.  And freaking hot.  When I finished it was 95, when I started it was still borderline DARK.

I'll stop whining, but really, it sucked.  I quit 3/4 of a mile early and my recovery was like I ran 20.  
The boys brought me more water and Ben tried to get me to go home and finish on the ole mill, but I tried to keep going.  Eventually I called it.

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