Weeks 12 & 13: Too Much Treadmill

Another couple of weeks come and GONE.  Chicago will be here before we know it.

We had a couple of hot weeks and I found myself on the treadmill most of the time.  Not all my pictures show treadmill, but many of the runs were.  Then I'd drag my #Instagramhusband outside to take a picture!  (He's actually very willing.)
So lots of treadmill, including my long run!!  We went camping (which was fun!) and I couldn't do my run in the a.m., so we got home and I jumped on the treadmill.  I was hoping for a monsoon to roll through that evening so I could do some mileage outside, but that didn't happen.

The bad part was I was going to head out in the heat anyways for the end of the 14 miles, I switched my shoes at mile 8 (didn't want to do too many miles in my new kicks) and right then Ben looked at me on the treadmill and said ...there's a rattle snake coiled on our PORCH.  

Hastag BOO.

I got back on the treadmill.

Week 13 was more treadmill mileage for the most part.
Thought I might melt on my long run, but 15 miles done!
Turns out my coach would like me to pound the pavement more instead of the treadmill (treadmill is very flat and also isn't as hard an impact as the pavement thus doesn't prepare your legs as well).  Moving forward I'm going to try to get outside unless it's a tempo/speed work, or scheduling issue.

This week is step back, next week my long run is 17, then 18, then tbd!!  And finally TAPER.  Just got to get through the next month all healthy, then we're golden.

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