Trouble in Paradise - Week 14, 15, 16, 17

Well I opened this blog post almost two weeks ago and I even wrote some stuff down a week ago, but for some reason it wasn't saved.  Wah.  It was interesting stuff too, and now I'm going to re-write it in a much more rushed and boring way.

But before that, I am excited to join Utah Valley Marathon as an ambassador for next year's race, June 1st!!  It's a fast course down Provo Canyon, a Boston qualifier, and the weather will be perfect!  If you use code CHRISTY15 you will save 15% off the 10k, half, or full distance!!  Come run with me!!
Good things go to those who Instagram.  I should have started my account awhile ago, it has been a lot of fun!  You can find me at @boston4bc

First Dentist Visit

Bentz went to the dentist and his dentist's office was so cute inside!  It felt like we were headed on to Space Mountain at Disneyland.