Trouble in Paradise - Week 14, 15, 16, 17

Well I opened this blog post almost two weeks ago and I even wrote some stuff down a week ago, but for some reason it wasn't saved.  Wah.  It was interesting stuff too, and now I'm going to re-write it in a much more rushed and boring way.

But before that, I am excited to join Utah Valley Marathon as an ambassador for next year's race, June 1st!!  It's a fast course down Provo Canyon, a Boston qualifier, and the weather will be perfect!  If you use code CHRISTY15 you will save 15% off the 10k, half, or full distance!!  Come run with me!!
Good things go to those who Instagram.  I should have started my account awhile ago, it has been a lot of fun!  You can find me at @boston4bc

But anywho...

Alas, trouble in paradise hit back in August after my tempo run.  I noticed the outside/underside of my right foot ached a lot and then it progressed into my ankle and after talking to my PT/coach, we determined it was my peroneal tendons.  

We used a step back week to focus on elliptical/biking so I could do my aerobic training while letting my foot rest, but that week bled into another week+ or so.  I tried not to panic, and looking back I think pulling back right away on my training was the reason all was saved in the end.

I had "permission" to run when pain was a 1 or 2 out of 10 and by early September it was about there, so we started back with walk/run intervals.  I went from 40 miles a week including speed work, to walking 3:00+running 2:00 for 30:00 minutes total, a couple times a week.  Talk about CRUSH MY MENTAL GAME HERE.  

So all real time goals went out the window for Chi.  Charlie doesn't think I lost much fitness at all, and I really do think he's right, but I still am struggling in the confidence department.

I'll talk goals in another post.  We're TWO weeks out yo!  Crazy.

So I'm plopping all my pictures with stats down below because both boys are asleep and I have probably about five more minutes if I'm lucky before one of them cracks an eye.  :)
 4 @ tempo pace, my last speed work for this race cycle.
I usually XT 35-45:00.
Kind of funny but a little sad, I also got sick as ever around the same time (perfect timing).  My boys have been super sick and we've all been one giant ball of hacking/boogers/sore throat/ balloon heads.  I also got pink eye from my toddler, thus on this incredibly unsatisfying interval run below ;) I wore my glasses.  haha  I'm headed into 4 weeks since I got bronchitis and I still have some of the cold, it was a doozy!!  First time (to Ben's delight jk) that I have ever completely lost my voice.  

(I woke up one night and tried to sing to little Dash and nothing came out.  THAT was such a weird feeling, I definitely panicked a little.)
Today was my longest run for this marathon at 15 miles!  It was my second 15 miler, and I have a huge base and a lot of miles built up, so aside from the slight derailment at peak training month, I will be ready enough to toe the line of Chicago in two weeks!
 The sunrise was just amazing.  Do you spot the three hot air balloons?
The plan was the last 8 at marathon goal pace which I think will probably be around 9:30 now, but I was a little all over the place and closer to a 9:15, but close enough.
Well it's officially time to taper, and in a week my mom heads out here again!  She is going to watch the beys and Ben and I are going kidless to Chicago.  Talk about excitement.  And nervousness!  Without my BOYS!? 

Have a great rest of the weekend!!  I really need to go shower.  Oh the energy that requires.

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