Birthdays!! 1, 4, 34 & more

We decided to have a big birthday party for the boys over the Labor Day weekend!  It also happened to be my actual birthday, so my family also made me feel special too.

But the crazy thing is my toddler is pretty much a kid, and my baby is pretty much a toddler.

For the second year in a row, Bentz wanted a dinosaur party!  He's still so very into them, it's pretty crazy that this phase is lasting so long.

We had CC's Sweet Sensations make the cakes and they turned out pretty awesome.  Dinosaur themed and Baby Einstein themed.  They also did our gender reveal cake last year!
Little Dash loved the cake!  When Bentz turned 1, he hated his hands being dirty with the cake; it's crazy how different our boys are.
It's amazing how much you can love your kids.  These two boys have us wrapped around their fingers!


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