Hey there hey!

Wah what has happened to my blog??!  Nothing!  LITERALLY.

So much to talk about, so little time is my problem.  Like, Chicago Marathon was three days ago and it was totally epic. 

Things I need to talk about on the ole bloggerty:
-Bentz turned 4, mister Dash turned 1

-Milestones that go along with those (Dash started walking a couple months ago and it's the CUTEST)

-Bentz started school

-Ben and I went to Chicago sans kids and we ran the Chicago Marathon and had the most epic time ever in the face of the land

-My dad and Laura closed on their house 15 minutes from ours!

-I am an ambassador for a couple new brands:  Pineapple Clothing and Stiletto Running!!

-Fall finally arrived in Phoenix, it's b e a u t i f u l out.

-Bentz got stung by a freaking stupid scorpion.

-I weaned little Dash AND got him out of our bed all by like two days before Ben and I left for Chicago.  That's big news.

-We were sick for a whole month and I pulled a muscle in my rib by coughing and I got to run the Chicago Marathon with that rib pain which was the opposite of glorious, but the RACE was epic none-the-less.

-We went to Top Golf with the fam

-Along with everything else.  Good news is I still do a collage everyday so I at least am caught up on something.  Work has kept me busy and running takes my spare moments.  Life is good.  Busy, but good.

Up next?  Collagey lages.

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