So Long September

September was a great month!  Minus the sickness that plagued us like whoa.  #backtoschool  Alas, we all survived bronchitis, ear infections, pink eye, and hacking our lungs up.  We had FUN celebrating all our birthdays (the boys 1st and 4th, my 34th, my mom's 29th, and Emily's ...24th?).  My dad and Laura closed on their Phoenix house and we're excited to have them closer when they're here!

Bentz (4!):
+Has been doing great in school and we're finally getting to the point where dropping off at preschool doesn't include as many tears.  I think me parking to the side where he can't see me drive away has really helped.  He's always okay 30 seconds later, his teacher says.  He just hates the farewell!

+Still asks SO MANY questions.  Mom what time is it?  4.  Why?  Why is it 4?  Why is it dark outside?  Why is it bedtime?  Why does the clock say pibe pipty pour (5:54)?  Why does dad work?  Why??

+Is really growing up and says the funniest, cutest stuff.  Just now, "mom.  when dad calls I'm going to ask him to stop and get me a leab when he's dribing home."  He likes to collect leaves.

+Is still so into dinosaurs and now knows the Cretaceous, Jurassic, etc. periods.  I don't even know them, that is why I listed two.

+Plays for hours with his dinosaurs and still likes to pretend teach his friends how you pronounce all of them.

+Is a great big brother and very careful around little Dash so that is SO nice that I don't have to worry about him clobbering and mauling his brother.

+Still super social.  Said the other day to me, "mom, I have pibe [5] best priends:  mommy, dadda, Bentwee, Bennett, Sinena [Siena]." 

+"It's so hot outside, I need my sunglasses."

+"Mom you are so pretty.  I wub you."  :D

+Love the iPad way too much.  But it proves a good tool for bribing.  "If you make me count to three, no iPad at dinner."  He only gets the iPad at meal time because it makes him stay PUT!

+Had his well check and he was <2% for BMI.  So he's skinny, but we knew that.

+We tell Bentz that if he isn't a good listener then he looses privileges.  Now he says, "mom if you don't be a good listener, you lose a pivage."

+Is back in our bed, basically.  For a week or so while getting Dash to sleep in his own bed, Ben slept in the guest bedroom because there was no sleep going on in our room.  Well Bentz took Ben's spot in our bed and basically has been in between us ever since because we're giant suckers.

+Bentz got stung by a scorpion in our freaking bathroom and we've never ever seen one there.  So that really pissed me off cuz I had been in there for awhile and somehow his foot found it (and Dash was RIGHT next to him, so we didn't know if it got him too, but it didn't thank goodness).  We had the bug guys back out the next day and we are talking about sealing the house.  Scorpions suck.  I find it crazy that Ben, who is from Arizona, has never been stung, yet I got stung a few months after moving to Arizona (in our bed in Thatcher) and our toddler got stung in out house.  WTF.  For reals.

+Is super sweet and an amazing cleaner upper!  HOORAH  Love this boy!!

Dash (1!):
+Is thinning out!  He was 50% for weight, but he's somewhere 80+% for height, and his head is 90+%.  He is definitely getting taller.

+Has been cutting his top molars for the past almost month or so.  They are so slow!  The outside of them cut, then we have a few good days, then the inside part cuts and it's a little rough.

+Is WEANED and OUT of our bed!  That was exhausting work, but literally like two days before Ben and I left the boys with my mom, he was officially weaned.  I was proud because we went from him sleeping in our bed and nursing literally ALL. NIGHT. LONG., to not nursing at all, and not sleeping next to mom.  Actually that last part is a lie, I have spent way too many nights in his bed with him. 

+Would still swing if I'd let him, but I decided to cut that off once he started to really walk around.  Sad because sometimes I'm desperate for him to take a nap and I usually have to go for a drive or something.  During Bentz's nap time I get lucky with little Dash falling asleep in his bed too maybe 50% of the time!

+Started taking a sippy cup a couple weeks before we weaned him which was a relief because I was so worried about him becoming dehydrated.

+Favorite shows are Dave & Ava, and Super Simple Songs.

+Starting to babble a bit these days.

+Started to walk in August and he spends his days walking aimlessly while holding different toys in his hands.  He has sooo much fun just walking around and playing with random toys, it's pretty cute.  His favorite toys are little crinkle books, balls, and microphones.

+Favorite food is Club crackers.  He eats so many of them and will not eat anything else real food, really!  He loves baby food though, and his favorite ever is yogurt.  He goes crazy when I pull a yogurt out!  He also loves waffles for breakfast!  But other than that, it's really hard to get him to eat anything.  I don't know if we have a picky eater or he's just going through a phase, but he won't try anything, it goes straight on the floor.  I can't pry his lips either, he spits it out.  Poor boy is constipated, probably from a diet of Club crackers...

+Doesn't like it when we're driving and the car stops.  It's actually quite funny because he'll start fussing before I even come to a complete stop at the stoplight.  haha!

+Loves to play with Bentz and I can tell he gets a little bored when Bentz is at school.

+Is getting so big and is so cute!!  Gah!  Love him!!

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