Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5k PR

James came and ran a Turkey Trot with me!  He did last year too.  I love having a brother who is down to go run fun races all the time.  I'm going to be depressed when he moves to Texas.  :*(  


Anywho.  We ran the Arizona Road Racers 5k on Thanksgiving morning!  The weather was perfect.  Cloudy and low 50s.  Literally perfect for a 5k.

Who says you need speed work to PR??!

It is no secret that I sandbag often, that I prefer a comfortable race finish to dying.  BUT THIS ISN'T GOING TO GET ME TO BOSTON.

My mental strength is poo.  When it starts to hurt, I pull back a bit on my efforts so that it feels better, then I prance across the finish line with glee.  (Disclaimer:  NOT ALWAYS, but just sayin'.)

Once again, not going to get me to Boston.  It'll get me to the finish (BUT SLOWER).

I'm working on my mental strength.  I went to a class (by my coach) on mental strength just days before this 1/2 marathon and I went into this race saying, "I AM going to get a PR."

Let me preface this by saying the past year I have run 95% of my runs at an "easy pace." 

1-because post partum you're higher risk for injury (loose tendons and let's face it, loose everything)
2-I was completely out of shape and starting over
3-you build a base before you introduce faster running (avoid injury)

I started a little bit of speed work in August, only to have a foot issue, so after a couple workouts it was back to all easy running to be able to still run ChIcAgO.

Long story short, you do get faster by running slower.  This race was proof.

I hadn't met these lovely ladies in person, yet they let me tag along with them so that my boys could sleep in a little bit and just show up for the end.  Instagram friends are the best!

I also had another friend I hadn't met, pick up my bib for me so I didn't have to go so out of my way to get it.  She ran the 10k which started later, so I didn't get to see her except for during the race on an out and back when we crossed paths.  I met a few other friends too, who I follow their training and have for months.

I thought I'd give myself grace during that first mile, then I wanted to get close to an 8:30 pace.  

There were a few times I had GPS issues just while downtown and my Garmin showed 9:30s and such, but for the most part I was on point.

We merged with the 10 and 5kers with a couple miles to go, and it was actually kind of nice to have them pull me along.  My lungs were pretty good, but my legs were slowly toasting.  

I actually drafted off some guy for awhile and was a little nervous I was driving him bonkers, but he turned and said, "if I keep this up, I'll get a PR."  "ME TOO."

My legs were really complaining by mile 11-12 and I'd typically pull back, but this time I was like NOPE, sorry legs, not happenin' today.  And I logged my fastest miles!  Auto pilot is an amazing thing.

This was my first time running the 3TV Phoenix 1/2 and it was a great race, I will run it again in the future for sure.  The course is flat and I enjoyed the shade of the tall buildings, despite occasion GPS interference.

And now I'm excited to see what adding speed work will do!

Tomorrow is my first set.  400m repeats.

23 weeks until Revel Mt. Charleston!

October Octivities

October was a great month!  And it was RAINY as ever.  Seriously it was the wettest October on record, I believe.  So much rain, and we loved it!  

We went from summer to fall temps in October, Ben and I ran the ChIcAgO Marathon and experienced that amazing city, my mom visited early in the month which is always a highlight, I started moving my office to the kitchen counter each morning now that little Dash is mobile, he also popped a couple molars (and is working on #11 & #12 as we speak), the boys took cookies to the firemen and policemen and got to have tours of their stations, we got to hang out at my dad's new house, and we had Halloween festivities like woah.