October Octivities

October was a great month!  And it was RAINY as ever.  Seriously it was the wettest October on record, I believe.  So much rain, and we loved it!  

We went from summer to fall temps in October, Ben and I ran the ChIcAgO Marathon and experienced that amazing city, my mom visited early in the month which is always a highlight, I started moving my office to the kitchen counter each morning now that little Dash is mobile, he also popped a couple molars (and is working on #11 & #12 as we speak), the boys took cookies to the firemen and policemen and got to have tours of their stations, we got to hang out at my dad's new house, and we had Halloween festivities like woah.

Bentz (4!):
+Is still into the questions, especially WHY?!  "Mom can I have some tomatoes?"  "Sure."  "WHY?  Why can I have tomatoes?"  :P

+Still into dinosaurs like crazy!  It's the longest phase, but I like it.  It's super cute.

+We put up the Christmas tree this past weekend and he got so excited about it.  He remembers last Christmas, so that really helps with the excitement.  He helped decorate the tree and put the ornaments up (so there are tons at the same level lol).  MOM THIS IS SOOO BEATIPUL!!

+I dunno if this is just a phase, but he has been a near PERFECT kid lately.  He listens to everything I say, when Alexa says it's naptime he will march right in and lay to bed.  Sometimes I'm like, "where did Bentley go?" and I'll find him snuggling in bed going to sleep.

+At church Ben was taking Dash out to the hall and I was on the organ, and Ben said "I'm going out, want to come?"  "No."  And Bentz sat on the bench, all alone, quietly.  The family in front of him asked if he wanted to sit with them.  "Nah."  Then they told me that they could never leave their own kid alone on the bench and how impressed they were.  I actually feel bad taking credit, I think by default he's just a good kid.  haha

+Mom I'm such a good listener!  Are you proud of me?

+Eats less than his baby brother.  Loves the healthy stuff too.  Ate like five pieces of his Halloween candy and yours truly has been eating the rest and he doesn't even care.

+Cleans up his toys every afternoon when Ben calls on his drive home.  If Ben shows up early, "hey! I didn't cwean up yet!"

+Loves to play with Dash although he doesn't particularly like Dash chewing and slobbering on his dinosaurs.

+Has to get dressed by himself.  It's funny because when he was learning how to do his shirts (he has been able to do pants for awhile), the necks would all be super stretched out.  hahaha  But he has pretty much mastered long sleeves and loves to dress himself.

+Wrote a list for Santa and taped it to the pireplace.  He adds to it everyday.  "Mom do you want candy for Cwistmas?  I'll put it on the wist!"

+Seriously I love him.  I want to cry thinking about him growing older and not being this perfect and adorable and cute and caring and lovable and obedient!!

Dash (1):
+Currently popping more teeth (always).  But he still sleeps pretty well!  Yesterday all he did was nap for 15 minutes, but he slept for 12 solid hours last night and was basically deliriously tired when we put him down.  But still -- 12 hours!!!  Why am I still tired.

+Likes to play with the stairs baby gate and stick things inside the bars and such.

+Eats two waffles + cheerios for breakfast, Club crackers and yogurt for lunch, crackers for snack, apple chicken baby food and more crackers for dinner.  He will not eat basically anything else!!  So I keep feeding him the apple chicken baby food because oh hey protein.  He can put it away too.  I made eight muffins the other day.  He ate FOUR OF THEM.  Bentz had a bite of one.

+Naps were lacking and I really need the nap time so I can focus on work, so we pulled the swing back out.  Problem solved!!  Technically he's thinning out and not gaining super fast anymore, so he still has weight before he's too heavy for it.  lol  He needs a nap around 9am and unless we're in the car or stroller, don't count on it.  UNTIL THE SWING REEMERGED.

+He actually prefers to sleep in his bed at night.  He has no interest in snuggling with mom or being held.  Put him flat.  Maybe that's because he no longer has a boob at his beck and call.  :P

+Is more top heavy than Bentz was at this age (which really isn't surprising).  It's fun to put him in a onesie and tennis shoes and watch him top-heavily wobble around on his little legs.  :D

+It's interesting to see the different interests the boys have.  While I got ready, Bentz would empty my cabinet drawers all over until we put a lock on them.  Dash hasn't gotten into my drawers at all.  He does like to open and close the cabinet doors and make that noise, however.

+Loves balls and carries them around.  Also loves little wood peg things and carries those around.  Lately also has been carrying those plastic rings around that my mom just bought for him.  It's cute how babies carry something around everywhere they go.

+IS SOOOO DESTRUCTIVE!!!  Holy cow, he throws EVERYTHING.  And it's not to break things, it's because the noise it makes and he's always like 'I wonder what will happen if I throw this.'  The concept of breaking things isn't there yet, but he definitely has given toys a run for their money.  The dangerous thing is if people or nice things are around...

+Is super cute and I super love him!!!  And his bald, but slightly growing in hair, head.  <3

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