Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5k PR

James came and ran a Turkey Trot with me!  He did last year too.  I love having a brother who is down to go run fun races all the time.  I'm going to be depressed when he moves to Texas.  :*(  


Anywho.  We ran the Arizona Road Racers 5k on Thanksgiving morning!  The weather was perfect.  Cloudy and low 50s.  Literally perfect for a 5k.
I had a few goals for this race:
1-PR (beat 24:18, average pace 7:50)
2-Run negative splits (each mile a littler faster than the last)
3-Run a 23:xx time
4-All miles in the 7:xx
5-Come in the top 3 in my age group which meant I would win a PIE!  

I really wanted a pie.  Looking at previous results, if I ran a 23:xx time, I had a small shot at 3rd place and a beloved apple or pumpkin pie.  So that was the plan.

We started and I usually sandbag like woah, but I found myself running close to a 7:00 mile so I was actually running too fast, which is a common thing, but not for me.  I slowed down, yet everyone was blowing past me.  Typical.  But I had a plan.

First mile:  7:47

Then we hit GRAVEL!!!  Nobody warmed me this was a gravel course.  I was sorely disappointed.  But I pushed on.
Second mile:  7:39  

The gravel continued.  Then some turns and an out and back portion happened.  In gravel.  It was starting to really hurt by the third mile, but I kept on pushing.  I knew I wasn't giving myself much room for error and I refused to ease up.
Third mile:  7:37 

5k in and my Garmin beeped a 5k PR!  23:47!!!

I ran long (so did everyone, so I think it was just the course).  Official time was 24:16, a 2 second official PR.  Not a 23:xx official, but unofficially I did nab that 23:47.  
The kicker is we went to the results boards afterwards and we literally stood there for an hour and the results all showed 59:59 for everyone, and we weren't even listed.  There was something wrong and they were trying to get it fixed asap.

Fast forward a long while and the announcer claimed to have a list of the top three in each age group, but no times, so we wouldn't know that yet.


We kept waiting.  They got to my age group, #3..not me.  #2..not me.  Surely I did not get first.  #1...not me.

James... no pie either.  We waited 90 minutes to be disappointed, but oh well!

A few hours later I got an Instagram message that results were fixed and posted.
^^^Do you see that 2 out of 58???  I got 2nd and they erroneously didn't give me a pie and I actually am STILL bummed about it.  lol  

So technically I did accomplish all 5 of my 5 goals, despite my official time not being a 23:xx and me not getting a magical pie.  

But other than that, it was awesome.  James finished right behind me and was like prancing all happily and not out of breath.  I missed videoing it because I was still trying to catch mine.  He used to be super competitive before he bulked up and got into weightlifting, so now he just runs for fun!
Thanks for coming to run with me Lands.  I hope you can next year too.  :D 

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