I got that 5k PR this time! The Jingle Bell Run!

The day before my mom and I road tripped north with the little beys, my family ran a 5k, the Jingle Bell Run!  I love, love these family races.  They are just fun and it's extra fun that Matt joins, and that even Emily has, like this day!  I think marrying into a family that runs 5ks for holiday fun hasn't been her favorite part.  lol

Ben and I actually ran this exact race (and course) in 2011, and I ran it at an 8:13 pace for a 25:29.   I knew going into it that the course was dirt, windy and such, but I still hoped that my increase in fitness in the past month, and a more accurate course distance would yield me an official PR of 23:xx.

Merry Christmas 2018!!

Merry Christmas!!! (And Happy New Year since that happens in a couple of hours too!)   
I have like 1000 pictures and I don't want to miss posting the goodness asap.  Back in the day I would Photoshop and make my pictures pretty, but at least phone quality is amazing because it'll have to do otherwise they'll never make it on here.