I got that 5k PR this time! The Jingle Bell Run!

The day before my mom and I road tripped north with the little beys, my family ran a 5k, the Jingle Bell Run!  I love, love these family races.  They are just fun and it's extra fun that Matt joins, and that even Emily has, like this day!  I think marrying into a family that runs 5ks for holiday fun hasn't been her favorite part.  lol

Ben and I actually ran this exact race (and course) in 2011, and I ran it at an 8:13 pace for a 25:29.   I knew going into it that the course was dirt, windy and such, but I still hoped that my increase in fitness in the past month, and a more accurate course distance would yield me an official PR of 23:xx.
Chilly and cloudy, perfect for running.  I don't remember the temperature but I'd guess 50?  Freezing for a bystander, however.  Ben and the beys were bundled up.
 We're off!!!  I started at the front for the first time basically ever.  The guy next to me was shooting for 18ish and I was like, yeah, I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be at the front.  hahaha
Little did I know my fam was on my tail and being the fabulous paparazzi that they are, they took videos, pictures and the whole nine yards.  For many years I was the slowest in the family.  Well fast forward to my brother getting into bodybuilding, the other brother focusing on CrossFit, and my sis prego, and walah... I'm the fastest!!!
No negative split goals today, but man did I nail it!!  I just ran by effort and I was surprised to see my last mile ring in at a 7:19!!
Exactly 3.10 too, wahoo for accomplishing my goal and even getting closer to a 22:xx than I imagined.  So now I want a 22:xx.
The kicker?  FIRST in my age group!!  That was exciting.  2nd place left before awards so that was kind of a bummer to stand on my first podium and not have it filled.  But hoorah!
Meanwhile the chillen were just hanging out and being so cute.  This was hours before little Dash gave us a scare and we spent the afternoon at urgent care (in my tights and all!, and nobody even asked why I was wearing them lol).  Poor guy smiling despite the double ear infection we didn't know about.  :(
 Bentz loved that Santa hat.  He wore it until it was ripping!
What a fun race day!  I used to not give the 5k much thought, but the torture that it is for 23 solid minutes has grown on me and I kind of want to do another.

And get a 22:xx.  Or a 6:xx mile.

Happy New Year!  It's after 10 and we're up without kids.  On the weekend we go to bed with the kids at early-o-clock because one of us is always getting up early for a long run.  But it's Monday yo!  We are party animals!

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