Merry Christmas 2018!!

Merry Christmas!!! (And Happy New Year since that happens in a couple of hours too!)   
I have like 1000 pictures and I don't want to miss posting the goodness asap.  Back in the day I would Photoshop and make my pictures pretty, but at least phone quality is amazing because it'll have to do otherwise they'll never make it on here.

Christmas Eve + Christmas Day!  We did them at my mom's house.  The boys and I had actually been there for over a week already, but Ben and the rest of the crew joined us a few days beforehand.
Little Dash gave us a bit of a scare a week+ beforehand and ran a near 105 temperature, but luckily with lots of drugs he turned back into a happy boy for Christmas!
We were spoiled with great Utah weather for 90% of the trip.  I was able to do almost all of my runs outside.
B3 fed the neighbor's pony.  I think his name is Mystery.  One day I looked out the window and saw Mystery pulling a little cart with his owners in it.  Fun!
This one below is out of order, but we made gingerbread men (really they were sugar cookie men).  I'm in the background scowling at something.
We all opened pajamas!  B3 was pretty dang cute!!
Dash actually got some other pjs than the ones below.  This is prior.  Sometimes Blogger uploads pictures in the wrong order.  Sometimes I'm too lazy to do anything about it.
We played games like Trivia, Bingo, and LCR.  I won LCR twice and that was a nice $60!!  Then we unwrapped a multi-wrapped gift, while wearing gloves, and I won that one too!! 

There was one prize left (of like 60) so all us that got blackout at the same time (I think that was everyone at once hahaha) we all did a paper, rocks, scissors challenge.
Trying to lick the elbow.  This picture is slightly out of order.  lol
Emily won the challenge and the last prize!!
We used to do gingerbread houses, then graham cracker houses, but they take a lot of time and with little kids it is hard to devote your full creativity to the competition, so this year we made it much simpler with ginger bread men (sugar cookie men!!), and a 30 minute time limit.
Then we all gave a little background on our designs before the awards were given out.
Grandma Cope came and hung with us this year!!
My mom won LCR I think three times!!
Some of the cookies were special.  It was our first year.  lol
Order goes:  Jolie, James, Dallin, B3, Me (mine is wearing Louboutins), Emily, Matt, Spencer (morbid!!), my mom's.
(Most raciEst cookie.)
Santa came and he ate B3's cookie and drank the milk, while his reindeer ate the carrots.  B3 thought that was pretty neat.
This below is way out of order.  Dallin got a fancy drone that takes video and such.
Dash played with this puzzle for an hour, I kid you not.  He LOVED it.  I was a little concerned that he was going to be in to everything Christmas morning, but he wasn't at all.  What a champ!
Maybe these will get me a BQ??
JPEG socks.  He's a whippet.  
Off to my dad's for the evening!
After we went to bed it started to dump outside.  I wasn't particularly thrilled, but luckily my commute the next day to Riverdale was fine.  Heaven forbid I don't get my tattooed eyebrows and eyeliner!
Oh lookie here, jumping back to Christmas morning.  Bentz asked Santa for dinosaurs and he got them along with his own little tablet!
My mom got a Clavinova!  She was sooooo cute when she saw it.  She deserves it too, she's the best. mom. EVER.
Spencer draws all these awesome pictures (he does our family ones too).  Some people get all the talent.
Bentz played with Dallin and Emily in the basement for awhile.  I don't think the dogs are allowed upstairs in the newly remodeled childhood home of ours, so they would stick around downstairs.
More snow and more snow and more snow!
I will do something about the wrong order in my next posts.  :D
Christmas was really awesome this year!!  I was up there for almost two weeks and when it came time to come back to Phoenix, I wasn't ready.  I love Christmas, and I love my rockin' fam bam.


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