Christmas Light Show & ASU Graduation

Two days shy of 10 years since I graduated from WSU, my baby brother graduated from ASU!  And the cool thing is Matt, my other brother's boyfriend, graduated the same day, the same place, but a few hours later with his master's degree.  So we all spent the day at ASU for ceremonies and family fun.

Except last minute Ben and I decided to leave the boys home with him because that is a long day for adults, not to mention made much longer by having some babies around who surely would find themselves bored after a few hours. 

Sound Beginnings Instrument Day

We've done a full year of "moosic school" now!  It is actually called Sound Beginnings and it has been a lot of fun for Bentz, and this semester little Dash too (although he mostly runs around and terrorizes the place hahaha).

The last class is instrument day where each kid brings an instrument and "plays a song" for the class.  AKA at this age they just play a made up song usually.  ;)  My mom was in town which was perfect, and Bentz was so so excited to play his instrument, the RECORDER!

(Funny story though.  We bought a cheap recorder at the grocery store for a dollar twenty and it seriously sucked soooo bad.  It hardly made a peep.  So Bentz picked out a green one on Amazon that worked.)

The sickness saga.

Bentz never really has gotten sick.  I think that's mostly because he was the only child for awhile and he wasn't in daycare or anything.  His first sickness was after we went to Disneyland when he was 14 months old!  

Well poor Dash is another story.  Now that we have a toddler in preschool and we are out and about more, he is just sick all the time!

He had his first diagnosed ear infection in October after going through what was a croupy-like sickness, he was a miserable guy.  We all got sick that month and it was horrific.  My mom even caught it and it started to turn into pneumonia after weeks of not going away!

Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point

Bentz has talked about going to "dinosaurland" for a long, long time, specifically meaning the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point in Utah Valley.  I had taken the boys with me to work that day and the museum was a couple hours from closing and I was so tired and beat, but we all made it!  Aside from like 30 minutes, we were basically alone in the place, it was crazy.

He played in the sand with the dinosaurs for almost an hour!

Christmas Party 2018!

My family has a Christmas party every year at the Classic Fun Center (roller skating rink).  We've done this for as long as I can remember!  Back in the day it was at the Classic Skating in Riverdale and it was always on Christmas NIGHT.  There was one worker who came out every Christmas night to work while my crazy family tore up the place, and did we ever.  He enjoyed it and was just like one of the family.  When the Christmas hype of the day was done, and there's that little letdown that it's over, there was always the excitement of the family Christmas party still to come that night!