Christmas Light Show & ASU Graduation

Two days shy of 10 years since I graduated from WSU, my baby brother graduated from ASU!  And the cool thing is Matt, my other brother's boyfriend, graduated the same day, the same place, but a few hours later with his master's degree.  So we all spent the day at ASU for ceremonies and family fun.

Except last minute Ben and I decided to leave the boys home with him because that is a long day for adults, not to mention made much longer by having some babies around who surely would find themselves bored after a few hours. 

Waiting for ceremony numero uno.  I didn't saturate my lips but apparently my preset I used made them very pink, to my delight.
We ate at Raising Canes in between the ceremonies.  It was strange to actually eat my food instead of entertain children (although they were greatly missed).  It was a really fun lunch!
A couple days later we all went through the light show that is literally in our neighborhood.  We missed it last year but this year I really wanted to go because Bentz was really excited for Christmas and I knew he'd love it.
It was like 20-25 minutes of driving through the lights that played along to a radio station's music.  It had great music too, some of my favorite Christmas tunes.
At the end you can park and go to their Christmas village where there are food trucks, blow ups, Santa, etc.
So fun to have my mom here that week.  Then she journeyed up with the boys and I, while Ben stayed back to work for a few more days before Christmas break. 

Christmas and family are the best ever!

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