Christmas Party 2018!

My family has a Christmas party every year at the Classic Fun Center (roller skating rink).  We've done this for as long as I can remember!  Back in the day it was at the Classic Skating in Riverdale and it was always on Christmas NIGHT.  There was one worker who came out every Christmas night to work while my crazy family tore up the place, and did we ever.  He enjoyed it and was just like one of the family.  When the Christmas hype of the day was done, and there's that little letdown that it's over, there was always the excitement of the family Christmas party still to come that night!

Well they tore that place down, it's long gone, and they built a bigger one in Layton that also has blow up toys, laser tag, kids play toys, a ropes course, etc., so now it has to be manned by a whole crew of workers, which means it's days after Christmas and no longer Christmas night.

Which means we haven't been to the party in four years because once Christmas is over...everyone is ready to get back to home.

This year my sister decided to do her gender reveal there so we arranged it to go, and I'm so glad we did.  I grew up with all my relatives like they were my own family and I used to see them weekly, and now I never see them -- it's sad.

We only stayed a couple hours because #bedtime, but it was great to chat it up with those few I was able to!  I miss my family!  And my grandparents!


Most of what we captured there was video, there are only some random pictures.
 B2 has strep, pretty sure this is the exact location he got if from.  hahaha  SAD!!
Bentz had a blast on the blow ups.  I thought he might be scared but he just jumped right off into the foam pit.
 And it's a boy!!!
Not one pic of me, but that's the life of a mom.  Plus I looked like a freak anyways because I just had my eyeliner and eyebrows tattooed the day before.  :D

So great to see everyone for a minute!  So many that I didn't even get to see or chat with, but I hope to see them soon.

Oh wait, there's this one from afterwards, strategically cropped.   Hope you had a Merry Christmas!!

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