Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point

Bentz has talked about going to "dinosaurland" for a long, long time, specifically meaning the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point in Utah Valley.  I had taken the boys with me to work that day and the museum was a couple hours from closing and I was so tired and beat, but we all made it!  Aside from like 30 minutes, we were basically alone in the place, it was crazy.

He played in the sand with the dinosaurs for almost an hour!

This little guy was in heaven too.  So much to see, lots of space to run around, steps to climb, snowboots...
At first Bentz seemed less than thrilled that the dinosaur museum had skeletons of dinosaurs, I think he was thinking along the lines of animatronics, but once he saw the sand and dinosaur figures to play with, he got so excited.  After that he was excited for the rest of the stuff too.

Bentz is going on two years in this dinosaur phase, it's lasted way longer than I thought it would, but I think it's the cutest thing ever.  <3

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