Sound Beginnings Instrument Day

We've done a full year of "moosic school" now!  It is actually called Sound Beginnings and it has been a lot of fun for Bentz, and this semester little Dash too (although he mostly runs around and terrorizes the place hahaha).

The last class is instrument day where each kid brings an instrument and "plays a song" for the class.  AKA at this age they just play a made up song usually.  ;)  My mom was in town which was perfect, and Bentz was so so excited to play his instrument, the RECORDER!

(Funny story though.  We bought a cheap recorder at the grocery store for a dollar twenty and it seriously sucked soooo bad.  It hardly made a peep.  So Bentz picked out a green one on Amazon that worked.)
So excited to get his recorder out to play JINGLE BELLS!  It was actually quite cute and he played Jingle Bells while everyone sang along.  It was mostly a one-note Jingle Bells, but he would move his fingers around like he was playing lots of notes.  I was dying. 

Being a mom is so much fun.
Then all the kids lined up and did a performance of sorts, and sang the songs they had learned during the semester.

Each kid was to bring a teddy bear for a teddy bear picnic (they learned a teddy bear song this semester).  Bentz preferred to bring a stuffed dinosaur instead, of course. 
After music school we always swing by Booger King for some lunch.  It's our little tradition.  I have actually been to Booger King more time these past months than in my entire life.  haha 
 Cute little Dash zonked out.
We start up our third semester of Sound Beginnings here in a week or so, and I haven't told Bentz yet, but I know he's going to be so excited.

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