The sickness saga.

Bentz never really has gotten sick.  I think that's mostly because he was the only child for awhile and he wasn't in daycare or anything.  His first sickness was after we went to Disneyland when he was 14 months old!  

Well poor Dash is another story.  Now that we have a toddler in preschool and we are out and about more, he is just sick all the time!

He had his first diagnosed ear infection in October after going through what was a croupy-like sickness, he was a miserable guy.  We all got sick that month and it was horrific.  My mom even caught it and it started to turn into pneumonia after weeks of not going away!

Then in November Dash got another bug and on Thanksgiving day he was STILL miserable and my step mother-in-law noticed he was yanking at his ears, so we jetted off to the urgent care.  Double ear infection!  Again.
Soooo lame!

A week later he was still sick, so back to the doctor's to get a different antibiotic (that actually worked this time).
So finally we finishedmthat antibiotic and a week later he then caught another cold.  :(  The day before we were to drive to Utah, he took an extremely long, out-of-character nap.  When I went to get him he just looked at me and didn't fuss to get out of bed.  

Alarming AS.

I picked him up and he was SO HOT, just on fire!  I took his clothes off and brought him outside hoping he was just really hot, but he was a bit lethargic and scaring me.  So being Saturday night (of course), off to Urgent Care again.  Luckily we have a brand new pediatric urgent care near us, but I still would prefer his own doctor.
He registered a 104.3 (or 104.9, I can't remember) fever!!  So, so hot.  So freaking scary.  I had given him Tylenol but it didn't knock it down, so they gave him Motrin too and said we had to stick around for an hour and if the fever didn't come down then they'd admit us.  UGH.  Ben fanned him and we waited and luckily it came down to 101 and they gave us another round of antibiotics and off we went with instructions to alternate Tylenol and Ibuprofen every three hours for a few days to avoid the really high fever.
That night he was playing a little bit and then he just sat down and was staring and I could tell something wasn't right.  I picked him up and he just kind of rolled in my arms and I was pretty worried, so I handed him off to Ben.  Then he vomited everywhere on Ben.  I think that was the antibiotics and not the bug, but it was a sad end to a sad day.

The journey to Utah wasn't bad.  He slept nearly the whole time and I pulled over every three hours and gave him meds.  He had a fever but not the scary high one, thank goodness.

I figured there wouldn't be any way we'd all be healthy for Christmas, but we all were!  It was a miracle!  

A few days after we got back I noticed him pulling on his ears.  I didn't know if he just really had discovered them in the past many ear infections, or if they were bugging him again, so I kept a close eye.  

The next morning he threw his waffles all over the floor at breakfast, and if you know him, he NEVER WASTES A WAFFLE BITE!!!  I put him down for a nap and it was long, and I was a little nervous and went to check on him and he just looked at me again.  #flashback  I picked him up and he was a little bit lethargic and hot again.  Worst feeling!  I called his doctor because for once it was within work hours.  (They are even open on the weekend during the day.)

Well the doctor's office said they were so booked full with sick visits they couldn't fit him in until the next day.  I was not happy at ALL about that.  I would go to the urgent care at 5pm if I had to (and I didn't want to), so the lady wrote a note for the doctor and he literally called me two minutes later.  BEST DOCTOR EVER.  He said to just come in right away that I didn't need an appointment.

Well baby boy's ears were clear!  I was shocked.  But the doctor looked in his mouth and was like, "oh boy, he's just old enough to get strep now, and I think he just might."  They did a strep test and five minutes later it came back positive.  Baby boy is back on some meds and I hope feeling better, but the poor guy sure has had a rough season.   Hopefully this one doesn't turn into an ear infection.
I have friends who have kids who are always sick, and I have heard and read their stories and it just seems so, so rough, and now I know that it really is.  Having sick kids is super scary and stressful.  It can take a long time just to recover as a parent from the stress and the lack of sleep, I can only imagine if your kid is in the hospital or worse. 

Here's to a healthy 2019 (after this sickness goes away, praying little Bentz doesn't catch it).

We love our boys!!!

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