Permanent Cosmetics (eyebrows + eyeliner)

I had my eyebrows and eyeliner tattooed over the Christmas break!!!!  I was so excited.  This was actually my third time getting it done in the past 15 years, but the last time was in 2009 (when I lived in Utah) so my eyebrows had literally faded to nothing that I knew the change would be night and day.  And it was!

(I literally am the most hairless human on the planet.  That is why I have no eyebrows!  And I also have a giant scar through my left one.)
So I got them tattooed, not microbladed.  Microblading is the trend these days, but it is soooo expensive for results that on some people disappear in months.  It's crazy to me that you can be out $500!!  It's similar to a tattoo but you use a hand tool and the ink doesn't go in as deep.

Since I was going up to Utah for Christmas, it worked out.  My tattoo lady is in Riverdale and she's the best!!  She doesn't give you cosmetics that fade horrifically, and she does a brush technique to appear more natural than a solid tattoo.

The immediate after, however, is a bit freaky.  lol  Solid, black brows and a swollen everything.
And I had to wear my glasses for a few days and I even missed a run so I wouldn't sweat and get them infected.  (I was totally going to run anyways until my dad was like... "I probably would not run yet.")
They scab/peel and look pretty horrific for almost 10 days, a lonnnnng time, but once they healed ...WORTH IT!
Now I have to decide if I want to thicken them at all for my touch up this summer.  I know thick is in, but I also have tiny features (MINUS MY EYES lol) so that is TBD!!

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