Project Make the Happy Life (Collage-A-Day)

I ordered my book for my collage-a-day project I did last year.  I posted most of the collages here (until I got behind at the end of the year), but basically this "project" started when I was spending lots of time nursing little Dash, thus I had time to spare while just sitting.  I started putting together a collage of pictures from the day, because I take a LOT of pictures.  :P

Then I printed them all out in a book!  365 pages of goodness.
I looked everywhere for the best place to print such a large book without spending a fortune, and ended up using Chatbooks.  After a discount code I found searching Instagram (never buy from Chatbooks without a code!) it was just under $82.  Which was a fraction of the price of others, really.

This year I am doing it again!  And I don't use a computer to make these collages.  I use the free app called PHOTOGRID which lets me save them at 2560x2560 pixels.

The project name came about because I was trying to find the good in each of our days and focus on that, because there really is a lot to be happy about.
Even when life gets busy, this is a fast way to document it all.

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