So Long Farewell JANUARY

January was a good month despite being...well...January!  

We had some freezing weather, little Dash caught strep and an ear infection, Dash read his favorite dinosaur book 74358032750825 times and we had to replace it despite it being a Christmas gift, Bentz had so much fun with his new Christmas gifts, I finally found some mental strength and set a 7 minute 1/2 marathon PR (which I beat in February again!), Ben and I put in for the NYC lottery but officially will be going with a tour group this year!, we traded Chef'd/Blue Apron for a meal delivery service that delivers fresh ALREADY COOKED meals which has been the most amazing thing, Ben and I probably ran 300+ miles combined, and Dash and I were able to play hooky and get away on some stroller runs!

It's been awhile since I've done a boys update, so let's see...

Bentz (4):
+Still asks WHY MOM??? WHY?

+Still going strong with the dinosaurs.  Loves to play "Jurassic World" with his dinosaurs.  It's pretty cute.  He knows all the characters from the movie and you hear him use their names and such.

+Says the funniest stuff.  Yesterday at the playground a little boy fell and I hear Bentley yell, "you okay dude???"  lol

+Eats like a bird and then starts asking for lunch at approximately 8am. 

+Insists on being in his pajamas the second we walk in the door even if it is 10am.  We have two jammie days:  Monday & Friday.  "I'm soooo cited mom!!!  Jammie day!!!"

+His paborite (favorite) colors are firetruck red and yellow.

+Is still a great cleaner and cleans up every afternoon before dinner!  LOVE THIS.

+Loves to play with his brother and is pretty careful around him.

+Has been doing well at preschool drop off!  We're turning a corner I think.  The other day it was raining and he took off running towards the door, "mom don't get hit by the punder!!!" (thunder) and then he ran inside, didn't look back.  I was like YAY!  Then I got sad.  lol

+TMI but he will pick the most random bathroom and time to go potty and not tell me, even if I'm in my own bathroom blow drying my hair with a VERY LOUD BLOW DRYER.  Once I noticed I hadn't seen Bentz in a few minutes, so I decided to go investigate.  I found him screaming "MOM!!!! COME WIPE MY BUM!" with tears coming down his sad, red face.  I have no idea how long that had been going on, but I felt horrible!  And I told him to make sure he tells me when he's going potty!  And then he does the same thing again and again and again.  Once I was on the treadmill and I noticed he wasn't around me anymore, and I didn't see him downstairs with Ben.  So I stepped off the treadmill and started opening bathroom doors.  WALAH. 

+Ben went out of town for like ever for a trip with his dad and brothers, so I let Bentz sleep in our bed.  Well last night I awoke to a whimper and a thud.  Someone fell off the bed.  lol!  He was so out of it though, and today didn't remember.

+No longer gets up early.  Usually sleeps until 6:30-7:00 and sometimes even later!

+Reads books with Ben every night.  Ben has been reading him a chapter in a book each night and then they read a few shorter books.  Right now they are reading James & the Giant Peach.  I chose it.  I heard it say hell.  I died laughing and saw Ben waiting for my reaction.  I don't remember James & the Giant Peach swearing.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

+Bentz is so sweet and says the nicest things to me, his mommy.  He tells me he loves me and snuggles me and wants to sleep literally next to me at night.  Please don't grow up my sweet boy!!!!

Dash (1):
+Has 16 teeth.  16!!!  I think kids top out at like 20??

+Weighs somewhere around 26#.

+Is just now getting a little more verbal.  His voice is so cute!

+Loves balls and the plastic ring toys.

+Has had an ear infection for like 4 months straight, minus Christmas.  His ear infections don't seem to respond to any of the antibiotics and he has been miserable!  We have a date set for tubes in March and I hope it changes things for the poor guy.

+Doesn't sleep very well (probably because... ear infection).  Sometimes wakes up crying and I can't even calm him down.  It's so sad!  I hear ear infections really hurt!

+Has a new favorite song:  One Little Finger.  He has been singing along to it lately and it's so adorable.

+Takes one nap a day.  30 minutes to 2 hours, usually shorter than longer.

+IS SO BUSY.  OH MY GOSH.  I AM EXHAUSTED THINKING ABOUT IT.  And if he sees something he wants (example:  like a fragile porcelain vase sitting on a shelf) he will not stop trying for it until we leave.  And do not get in his way!!

+Still not into many real foods, he throws them down on the ground so I still feed him baby food.  He does love crackers though!

+Fits his actual sized clothes, but his belly often will protrude.  hahaha

+Favorite song is Hush Little Baby.  We sing it every night and it's actually one of the music school songs this semester, so that's super fun.

+Usually starts to wake up in the mornings around 5:30-6, and if he's full on standing up before 6:30 then I grab my phone and turn on the good ole TV strategically placed near his bed, and I lie in denial that it's once again time to get up.  ;)

+Has the cutest laugh.  I love when he and Bentz both just giggle and giggle and chase around the house. 

+Has started to organize and group toys/food.  Loves to drop toys an inch or two and let them rattle, then he'll pick them up an inch or two and drop them again and again. 

+Is so cute with those big brown eyes!!  LOVE HIM!

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