The Sickness Saga PT II

Poor little Dashy boy sure has had a rough fall/winter.  I talked about his ear infections and garbage here:

A couple weeks after the strep diagnoses (which we got under control with the meds, thankfully!) he caught a little cold /aftermath of strep and he started waking up a lot at night. 

That's the #1 sign oooooooof, you guessed it, ear infection.
We waited like two hours on a Saturday to see one of the docs working the Saturday shift.  It is nice the pediatrician's office is open on Saturday, but it's only open for four hours so everyone and their sick dogs are trying to get in.  The waiting room was a cesspool of germs and sickness, I had visions of un-vaccinated kids with measles or something, sitting three feet from us.

But alas, ear infection indeed.  And this time the doctor talked getting tubes before prescribing some antibiotics and sending us on our way.

But these meds didn't seem to work and over a week later I was trying to get back in to see his doctor.  Which was hard because #sickseason.  Luckily his doc is great and called him in a new med before seeing him, then he got us in the following morning.

And yup, still an ear infection.  Poor little Dash has lived with infected ears for so long.  So we finally got our referral to an ENT which I'm waiting for a call from.

Meanwhile little Bentz turns into Dr. Bentz when we go to see the pediatrican.
Thankfully, however, Bentz has only had mild colds and didn't catch the strep or worse, and same goes for Ben and me.  I assume when my kids get sick that I'll get it too, but this time it never happened.

So here's to tubes.  TBC.

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