Ear Tubes!

We made it to tubes!  Hallelujah!  

Since little Dash had to fast, his surgery was one of the first ones of the day and we had to be there at 6:30.  It was a family affair (in two cars as shown in my awesome multi-car selfie).

Well I'm still going for my BQ in 5 weeks.

Happy Monday!!

Another week has come, another week has gone, my kids are like two inches taller, and my running is going much better!

I made it through a full week of normal training, post-injury.  Or "normal" training, I should say.  Because every step was filled with weirdness in my leg, and stress and anxiety in my mind.  If you run then you KNOW the stress I speak of.  hahaha  Setting a big goal is so fun.  Getting there can be STRESS.  But good news is the weirdness is subsiding by the day so I'm on the right track.

My coach text me yesterday that there will most likely be tightness and some aches and pains these upcoming weeks, and I really need to take my mind elsewhere while running"Listen to music, plan the future, solve world peace."  :)  

But three weeks of training to go!  Then two weeks of tapering.  Holla!

I ran 16 miles this weekend at normal training paces!  I have missed my training paces, it's been nearly a month.  11 zone 2 miles with a strong finish for the last 5.
My legs settled into pace just fine, but my energy was low.  My energy was low ALL week though so who knows, I was d r a g g i n g the day before.  (And there were nearly 20 hot air balloons out!!  It was seriously the best!)

Ben ran 20 miles this weekend at an easy pace of 8:01.  :P  He has another 20 miler lined up in two weeks too, his training is rocking.  Hoorah for that!

So the BQ plan is still in place, but my mental game still needs some work.  I have 18 miles this weekend and I hope after another solid week of training that I will be more confident.  It took a couple of weeks to hurt my confidence, so hopefully the same goes for building it back up.

Send me your confidence building tips.

Fabulous February


What a month.

We had some glorious weather, and some freezing weather...like...it snowed 10 minutes north of us.  Bentz had his first Valentine's Day celebration, Ben and I celebrated 10 years since our first date, little Dash dealt with more ear infection sickness and will be getting tubes next week (you can make it, little man!!).  Running was great until the end when I strained a couple of things and sidelined myself, but Ben's running went perfectly!  Ben was gone a couple of times this month which equaled more time apart than ever before, so that was an adjustment that I don't think either one of us would like to have to do again in the near future.  I AM SO GRATEFUL HE DOESN'T TRAVEL MUCH FOR WORK.  But overall, February was fabulous!

Ruh ruh runnning 2019 PLANS

2018-19 race season has been great for running!  My best.  I have pushed myself and the gains have been awesome and motivating!

This run was 11x zone 2 effort (8:39-9:20), last five faster:
^^I didn't run Ragnar, but I did run some of the route!

Three years ago I broke 4:00 in the marathon for the first time.  It was then that Ben and I decided that in 2019 we would both try to qualify for Boston!  At that time 2019 felt forever away!  That time frame let us try for another baby, recover, and also be three years older thus "aging up" in our Boston qualifying times to a 3:40 and a 3:15.

Well joke's on us because three weeks after I aged up, Boston changed the qualifying times and now we are three years older and have the same qualifying time requirement as three years ago.  lol
So I need a 3:35 and Ben needs a 3:10.  :P  3:35 is an 8:12 pace, 3:10 is a 7:15 pace.  Ultimately I think we still need a little buffer with the new times, maybe a couple minutes, but not the full five minutes like last year.

Fast forward and our race of choice is in six weeks from tomorrow.  

Things had been going swimmingly and all that, but two weeks after I PRd my half marathon on February 9th, I strained both my posterior tibialis muscle and my hamstring on the same leg.  I was sidelined for a week (I did do some cycling) and the second week I was able to run/walk for 2-3 hours total, but my mental game slowly sizzled.

And that was last week.  So I'm just now getting back to it.  My shin is a minor nuisance now, the hamstring is a little more annoying despite being less of a strain than the shin, cuz it gives me some nerve weirdness in the back of my leg.  It is Friday and I have run 15 miles this week, and tomorrow we shoot for a long run of 10.  If all goes okay, we'll ramp back up next week to where I should be.

I saw my physical therapist (also my coach) this week, and I guess I was surprised when he was really confident in me still BQ-ing.  Apparently it takes much, much longer to lose fitness than a couple of weeks.  I just need to get back to running more mileage, and I need to work on my mental game and get it back.

At this point I still see a marathon PR, and I hope in a month I also see that BQ like I was seeing it a month ago.

In other news, Ben's training is going well.  Our coach actually has slowed him down a little bit in his training runs.  My guess is to preserve his legs while his mileage climbs.  Ben sometimes wakes up at 4:40 so he can get 10 milers in before work -- it's crazy.  He is dedicated and it is incredibly impressive!

As for the rest of the year, I wanted to run the Utah Valley 1/2 Marathon in Provo on June 1st, but now my mom will be out of town so I am thinking about doing a giveaway for my entry since I am a race ambassador.  I'm bummed, I really want to run it and was going to make it a trip with the littles.  TBD.  But use CHRISTY15 for 15% off!!

Also, Ben and I are running New York City Marathon in November!!!!  We are so excited for that and are already booking our trip out since all the other runners are too, and things are selling out.  lol  We're going to see Hamilton and Jersey Boys!  We're also staying at the host hotel.  :D  We are so excited!!!

And then there's the Scottsdale 1/2 I'll be running 12/15.  I am a RacePlace ambassador this year and also hope to hit the Phoenix Turkey Trot, but it depends on Thanksgiving plans (and my Turkey Trot partner moved to Texas -- booooo), but I will be doing Scottsdale for sure!  Use CHRISTY15 for 15% off and come join me!!