Ear Tubes!

We made it to tubes!  Hallelujah!  

Since little Dash had to fast, his surgery was one of the first ones of the day and we had to be there at 6:30.  It was a family affair (in two cars as shown in my awesome multi-car selfie).

A couple of days earlier, Dash had started to wake up more at night and I couldn't get him back to sleep very easily and wondered if he had an ear infection.  Poor guy. 
Best we could do...
We waited forEVER and a day for this 10 minute surgery.  Good grief, talk about overkill on getting patients there on time and ready for surgery.  We waited two hours!
Bentz was great and had fun playing with dada, and Dash got super tired because we woke up at the butt crack of dawn, that he eventually zonked out on me!  LOVE.
The most stressful part of surgery at 18 months is separating from your baby, so I heard.  I was prepared to walk away from my screaming child and stressing about it, but the little guy was so tired that he never woke up.  I was able to snake myself out from under him and he went right back to sleep with a warm blanket on him.  MUCH easier separation than I expected, but I was still a little nervous as I watched them roll his sleeping self down the hall to the OR.
In the waiting room they had this monitor which told you exactly what step they were on.  It was so nice to watch it switch to POST OP and literally 30 seconds later the doctor came out to us.  He said there was fluid in both ears and one of them was infected, so he should be much happier now!
(Bentz was crying because Ben had to head off to work.  Dash was in lala land.)
And eating for the first time of the day.  Someone was already happier!
Hoorah!  Hopefully this is a game changer.

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