Fabulous February


What a month.

We had some glorious weather, and some freezing weather...like...it snowed 10 minutes north of us.  Bentz had his first Valentine's Day celebration, Ben and I celebrated 10 years since our first date, little Dash dealt with more ear infection sickness and will be getting tubes next week (you can make it, little man!!).  Running was great until the end when I strained a couple of things and sidelined myself, but Ben's running went perfectly!  Ben was gone a couple of times this month which equaled more time apart than ever before, so that was an adjustment that I don't think either one of us would like to have to do again in the near future.  I AM SO GRATEFUL HE DOESN'T TRAVEL MUCH FOR WORK.  But overall, February was fabulous!

Bentz (4.5):
-Is hilarious.  He just LOVES healthy food ridiculously much!  We bought a veggie tray for a dinner, and he thought that was his lunchable dinner.  It had tomatoes, snap peas, carrots, broccoli, and he was so excited for it.  It broke his heart when I clued him in that he had to share it.  lol

-Will not eat tomatoes that are "squishy" though.  If they are a little bit old, they are deemed squishy, and inedible.

-Has to be in his pajamas the second we walk in the door.  This week is actually spring break, so I know I'm going to have a sad boy when I declare we still have to get dressed on Tu-Thu, because not EVERY day can be pajama day.

-No longer naps, unless he's grumpy.  Technically he still needs a nap because his eyes droop and he looks so tired all afternoon.  He's actually napping right now because #springbreak is a long time for no naps!  Maybe I should take a spring break and nap too!

-Loves to play with Dash.  He'll make Dash giggle and giggle.

-Likes bath time but hates getting out and being cold.  He thinks it's cold when it's like 80 degrees outside.  He's definitely an Arizona native.

-Is getting pretty good with his teeball set!  I haven't decided if we'll do teeball or soccer in the fall.  TBD.

-Has started to tell me no.  I don't like this.  Or I tell him to stop doing something and he immediately fires back, "I'm not!" even when he blatantly is.  Turns out the answer to this is removing privileges.  A privilege he does NOT like losing is having his tablet at meal time.

-One night Ben was gone, Bentz was in our bed.  He woke me up at 4am, "mom there's someone out there!!" pointing to the kitchen.  So that was frightening as.  Luckily I had the house alarm set and I pulled out my phone and verified it was indeed armed and there was no motion.  "Why do you think there's someone out there?"  "Cuz there's light."  Oh.  Well I leave half the lights on at night when dad goes out of town. 

-Easily out naps his little brother.  By hours.

-Is a sweetheart and his preschool teacher said he's really obedient.  He is eager to help and make friends.  He's soooo social.

-Got in his first "tiff" with his school best friend.  Apparently over Legos.  lol  His teacher said they play together constantly and never have had any problems, but Legos did it.

-Weighs 35#.

-Is the cutest little guy and pretty dang mild mannered too.  We love you Bentz!!!

Dash (1.5):
-Weighs 26#.

-Has suddenly really become a mommy's boy again.  He does not like mommy leaving or walking away!

-Naps 1x a day.  Usually morning.  Usually an hour.

-I don't think I give him enough credit with the talking thing.  There was a Baby Einstein show/song on, and he was singing along with it.  Ta ta ta taaaaa.

-Has started sleeping in bed with us around 5:30am.  When he starts waking up, I grab him and he knows that means he gets to get in bed with me, and he starts making excited noises.  lol  It's adorable.

-Had a less busy day at music school class the other day, and actually seemed to participate a little bit. 

-Doesn't eat as much as he used to.  He literally used to eat NON-STOP, and it was all crackers since he seems to be so picky.  I can occasionally get some McDonald's french fries, or at the zoo he inhaled my pretzel, but mostly he eats waffles+yogurt and apple-chicken baby food + more baby food and a failed attempt at chicken nuggets.  Whatya do.

-Loves taking selfies.  If I video it, he starts cracking up at seeing his face.  Also loves to "Facetime" with people like my mom, and instantly gets a big grin.

-Gets tubes next week!!

-Started climbing on the kitchen table.  I've finally gotten him to stop, but he still climbs up on the benches and threatens to get on the top. 

-Went head over the couch and I caught his foot.  This is why I do not let him play on the couch!  That hard wood floor on the other side could be BAD.

-Has the cutest smile, biggest, brightest eyes, and we love him!!

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